It still bothers me to the core

You know I keep replaying yesterday in my mind. The first thing I went to do today is buy locks to change on the security door and a bolt lock to out higher on the door. I keep thinking that if I had one of those ADT security systems Bam-Bam would have never walked out.

As soon as the hubby gets home I am going to have him help me change the locks on the doors. I also bought both the boys id bracelets. When the twins get a little bit older I am going to buy them some bracelets too. I cant help but keep thinking what would have happen if we lived in a busy street where cars drove constantly. Or what would have happend if no one saw him walking around. Luckily he didnt walk far but that is still scary.

You cant take your eyes off any kids not even for a few minutes. I need one of those sensors on the doors and windows too. You know the ones that beep and let someone know when a door or window has been opened. Everyone keeps thinking I am going overborad but I dont feel I am. My four year old is a very smart kid and he is constantly getting into things so I think that taking the proper precautions is not going overboard.

I think that any mother would have reacted the same way I did. I could hardly sleep last night and I kept checking all the doors and making sure all the doors were closed and locked good. I am really thinking about buying a security system after this incident.

I dont take things lighty . If buying a ADT security system will make me feel better than that is what I will have to do.

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