Two little pumpkins waiting on some halloween fun

I thought my twins would enjoy going to their first halloween party. I was more than wrong. My two little pumpkins looked like they were over the festivities and just wanted to get some candy and be able to takeoff their costumes . I am just happy that I got two little pumpkins for the price of one.Every year will be fun picking two costumes for these little ones.

Giveawayblogs and Uprinting are hosting a Halloween contest and I am hoping to win.

Disclaimer: This post is a contest entry to the “Spook-A-Look Halloween Photo Contest”


If he would only listen

With the rain comes the growing of the weeds and grass. My lawn is out of control. I need to cut the grass but its hard getting the lawnmower to work properly. I can use a blackhead remover better than I can use the freakign lawnmower.

I told the hubby to buy a nice motorized lawnmover that will just glide. My hubby instead went and got his parents old push lawnmover that is so hard to manage. i think I am going to have him cut the grass and see for himself how hard it is to cut the grass and then he will save and buy a good lawnmower.

Yeah, I am way past puberty

daughter:Hey mom how do I get rid of these pimples.
Me: Honey I have been trying to get rid of mine since forever
daughter: you know what mom, when I find something that gets rid of the pimples I will make sure to let you know
cause your are way past puberty aren’t you ?

Yeah I am pretty sure I am way past puberty but my pimple breakouts havent left me. No matter how many articles I read on how to remove pimples nothing has helped me so far. I wish I could have one of those flawless faces that has always been without blemishes but nope.

I really hope my daughter gets out of the pimple phase.I hope genetics dont play a part in getting pimples.

I need a good nights sleep

I am feeling tired and listless again. I am sure that not getting enough sleep has alot to do with it. I just have some many worries and I feel so stressed out. If I dont watch it I am gonna need the best eye wrinkle cream and under eye cream to hide the daqrk circles and wrinkles I am getting.

I just need a good nights sleep or a couple to get back the energy I am lacking.I hope the babies get the teeth they are cutting through and let me get the sleep I need. Knowing that as soon as the babies get their teeth their sleeping schedule will go bavk to normal makes me feel so much better.

Rain rain go away

This cold rainy weather makes me want to just roll myself up in my blankets and just take a nap for hours on end. Unfortunately for me I cant take a nap unless the twins and my 4year old take a nap too. Even though my 4 year old needs a nap every now and then he doesnt like to take any naps.

I have a hard time getting in my workouts because I am either taking care of the kids or doing work. I really miss the days when I had all kinds of times to myself. I have thought of using hgh spray to help me lose weight since I am not getting the proper energy or workout that I should be doing.

I really want to lose about 30pounds and I dont know where to start. I can lose about 4 pounds but those four pounds keep coming back and then going and then coming back. I need to find a permanent way to get rid of the weight for good.

I am at a crossroad

I have been thinking alot about my weight.The holidays are just around the corner and instead of me being happy about it,all I can think about is how much more weight I will put on. I am tired of living like this. I want to be able to enjoy life and not worry about what I am gonna eat that has less calories. I dont want to have to be contemplating wether I should order apidexin or go without a meal to not gain that extra pound or two.

I have been trying to cut down on the sweets and fast foods but I am not seeing much of a difference. Like I said I am dreading the holidays because to me it means all the food that will be around to tempt me into eating it.

The co-pays are outrageous

As if I didn’t have enough to rant about in my previous post,I was shoucked to fidn out my co-pay went up. I was supposed to have gotten a letter letting me know that the rates went up but I haven’t gotten the letter yet. I am glad I took enough money to cover the co-pay.

Our copay might not be the cost of electronic cigarettes but it isn’t very cheap either. I am going to see if we can get on a plan that has a less expensive co-pay. With as many kids as we have I think our whole paycheck would probably end up in their hands. I really need to get a job to cover all these expenses.

Uggh not a very good day

I had to spend most of my day today at the doctor’s office. I swear if I wanted to be making lots of money the medical industry is the way to go. I saw so many people chitchatting and hanging out and not doing a very good job at taking care of the patients waiting to be seen. If I had a medical career I would work my butt off asking people if they needed help. I would be kind and caring.

I would apply the same rules even if I was looking into banking careers. What happened to being kind and courteous to people? I cannot understand some of these peoples actions. Enough of my ranting,I should look into getting into any of those two careers just to teach some of those people working in those industries how to act.

I feel tired off all the runaround we have to go through

I have been helping my mother in-law gather up all her medical records and filed paperwork so she can dispute the disability insurance clain she has going on. She has been fighting for two years trying to get her SSDI. I never knew how hard it was to get an approval.

I feel like I have been jumping through hoops right along with my mother in-law because I am usually the one helping her get all her paperwork together and going with her to the court and anywhere else they send her to get checked out to make sure that the claims arent fraudulent.

I am glad that they are so thourough in a way but going through all this mess to get what she is entitled to get anyways doesnt seem fair.Thats just my own opinion but I might be speaking from the trauma of being there with her and getting all her paperwork filled and returned and going and requesting all the paperwork they might need.

{Product Review}Photo Christmas Cards by Pear Tree Greetings

The holidays are coming alot sooner than I expected them to.Time has been flying for me and this time I have made it a priority to get my season’s greetings cards made on time. The only problem is that I can’t ever find nice cards that look good enough to send out. I had decided that this year I wanted to send out Photo Christmas Cards.

To my surprise I was recently asked if I would like to review holiday cards from Pear Tree I of course agreed because I am looking for some nice christmas cards. I had thought to myself what better way to make my decision about what cards I want to get,than to see samples of them.

I tend to be picky when I am making my selections only because I am starting to go green. I always want to make sure that what I am buying can be or has been recycled. I was glad to see that these 100lb matte card stock is post-consumer recycled. I like the different selections that are available,and I love the prices on their cards. As you all know I am a mother of 6 kids and one thing I always look at is prices. These cards are very well priced at 1.25 per card or even better there are some cards that are .84 cents per card.

The card that I loved the best was this one what do you think about it? All I need to do now is take a picture in our holiday outfits and order my cards and we are good to go.

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