Thinking about my options

More often then not I think about what I will be doing once my little ones are in school. I want to have a career to fall back on per say. I have given medical school alot of thought. I would love helping people out plus I would get to wear spiffy lab coats if I chose phlebotomy alothough I am not sure I would be good at taking peoples blod out.
I could always do medical billing. I love working on the computer so my options are open with medical billing. I still have a few years to go before the kids go to school, but I am glad that I am giving some thought into what I want to do. I am planning on checking out college courses that I can take to help me out with either one of my choices.

Mother nature sure has a funny sense of humor

What I want for chrsitmas is to stop having pimple breakouts. I am so tired of having breakouts all over my face. I feel like I am too old to be having to deal with such a thing. I have checked out therapores to see if that might be a sloution for me. I have already tried all kinds od acne products and none of them have worked really good for me.

I want to be one of those people with flawless skin. I swear sometimes I feel like I could play connect the dots with the pimples on my face. My teenager makes fun of me cause I break out more than she does. Mother nature sure has a sense of humor I tell you.

What I am thankful for

Today on thanksgiving I have alot to be thankful for. First and foremost I am thankful for the wonderful family I have. I cannot believe how blessed I am. I can’t believe that I will be shopping for short prom dresses for my daughter who is a teenager. I Teenager can you believe that.

I am shocked how quickly time has flown by and I am now a mom to a teenager. My kids are not babies anymore.They are growing up to be independant kids and for the most part are really good kids. I cant believe how lucky and blessed I have been. For this thanksgiving I am thankful for the great family I have and that I get to spend it will my family.

I cant wait to go shopping

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and all I can think about are the great sales that stores will be having. I am so excited to start my shopping off with Cyber Monday and finish it off with Black friday. I look foward to christmas shopping on these sales dates.

Most people dont want to hassle with the crowds on black friday but I dont mind. I actually love talking to people and looking for the items that have the best deals. I think its the thrill of trying to beat out others for that special ticket prized item that makes shopping for christmas so fun. I can’t wait !!!!

thoughts that go through my head

I often get embarrased for the actors doing the herpes commercials. I know they dont have herpes but to be associated with something like that seems so embarrassing. I guess in a way they are helping people learn more about herpes. I mean if you wanted to learn about cures you can always click here to learn more.

I was having a conversation about std’s yesterday with my sis in law. I was telling her how the youth these days dont care about protection and are so careless and we know a few young girls who have herpes and other std’s and they dont care to acknowledge it. I am sorry but Std’s are not like the common cold that just goes away.

I hope these generation of kids take more responsibility for their actions. I will also be teaching my kids about safety when the time comes to have “The Talk”

Bittersweet feelings

I am anxiously waiting for thanksgiving to get here. I love eating the yummy food that comes with thanksgiving. Thats the problem with me is that I love food too much. I will admit that I might need a good fat burner to get rid of all the food that I will eat during thanksgiving.

I really want to enjoy the food I would normally eat but I think I will just try to eat smaller portions. I still worry about my weight but I dont want to completely not eat all the food I like. I am also worried that my family will tease me for not eating the food that they cook.

I went nonstop today

I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off today. I had so many errands to run and not all the time in the world to do it. Most of my errands couldnt be done online like buying cheap car insurance. I had to go and change the car tire, then I had to go to my bank to take care of an overcharge. I had to go and sign some papers from the kids school and come back and wait for the maintanence guy to fix the kitchen faucet.

I am just glad that I didnt have to pay the deductible again. Since they just fixed my faucet last month and it stopped working within their ninety day I was covered. I am so ready to go to bed I think I will do just that.

Nasty bug made its way through the whole house

Ugghh I have to tell you about the freaking trip that was supposed to be a vacation but turned out to be a freaking awful trip. We were supposed to go and have a nice family vacation but instead we ended up with all but one of the kids getting sick with some kind of stomach bug. We really thought that it was just something that didnt set well with one of the kids. Slowly one by one the kids started to get sick and there was no way we could get a refund.

It is taking til now to recuperate from all the yuckyness that went through the whole house. I had plans of going to the stores to see what I would get the kids for christmas but that was pushed til later on this week. I really wish they had some sort of barcode scanner machine that I could just have the kids click on to make my christmas shopping easier. Nothing is worse than trying to shop when you dont feel 100 percent good.

I hope I can do most of my christmas shopping online during black friday. I really hope I am 100 percent better by that time.

My christmas shopping still isnt complete

I have been so distracted with planning our little vacation that I have not finished christmas shopping. I have my oldest covered. She has found a passion in beading and making necklaces ansd bracelets so I am going to get her some beads and a few beading tools and she is good to go.

My second oldest loves taking pictures so I am thinking of getting her a camera. The boys are pretty easy to shop for all they want is toys. I am going to get them some car sets and some lego’s and a few dinosaurs for them to play with.
I am still thinking what our big family item will be? Do you guys have any suggestions on what we can get as a family?

We already have a Nintendo Wii and we have a playstation 2. What else can we get that the whole family can enjoy ?

EEEEKKKK less than two days to go on our vacation!!!

In a few days we will happily be in the happiest place on earth. My kids have anxiously been waiting to go to Disneyland for a few years now. The last time we were at Disneyland I was pregnant with the twins but did not know it. I know we shoud have had our family vacation during the summer but we were just so bust that we never squeezed our vacation in.

I still have lots of packing to do.I havent even started packing so I better get a move on it. Hopfully when my hubby gets home he will help me pack up the kids luggage. Disneyland here we come!!!!! If we can we are going to try and check out medievel times too. To say that I am more than excited is an understatement. I cannot wait to see the smile on my kids faces.

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