The thoughts that go through my head lately

I have been in such a funk lately. I want to have something to do when my kids get bigger. I dont want to always depend on my husband. I want my own career and I want to feel more of an individual than I do now. I have been giving what career I want to do. I want to work in the medical field. I have gone as far as to plan what kind of medical uniforms I want to wear.

In my head I picture myself in cute teal scrubs in the front desk of a nice medical office helping many people. I want a job and career where I can make a difference in this world.

I just want a job where I can wear doctor scrubs because I think they are cool and comfortable. If I decide on doing medical billing or become a nurses assistant I can wear scrubs so either one will make me happy. I like uniforms especially colorful ones and working in the medical is my best bet when it comes to cool uniforms to wear.

These are the thoughts that are going through my head lately.

My methods for buying gifts

I love getting an early start on presents for all my nieces and nephews birthdays. I have so many nieces and nephews that I have no clue where to start. The younger ones are easy to buy for but the older ones can be a little tricky. I buy gifts for all the kids by month. For example of I have three kids I need to buy gifts for in January I usually get gifts for them in November and I get all the Jaunuary birthdays out of the way.

I have so far have accumulated presents for most of them . I am planning on buying my niece who is turning thirteen some sort of birthstone jewelry july is her birthday so I have quite a bit of time to shop around for the right present.

The hardest of gifts I am going to have to buy is for my husband who can be picky sometimes. I hope this year he does not want anything big.

I often dream about it

There are days like yesterday when I wish I could escape to somewhere far and wonderful. I am so full of stress on a daily basis. Dont get me wrong I love being a mom but I also want to be my own self. I often forget that besides being a mom and a wife and the person who handles the bills and makes sure everything is alright I am also a person a woman who should have her own time to do what she wants without feeling guilty.

I often had dreams of going to Paris and using Caméscopes numériques to take many wonderful memories. I dreamt of traveling with my best friend and going around the world. Those dreams were put on the back burner once I got married and started having kids. I have been thinking about those dreams and I figure when my kids get a little bit older I should go on one of those trips. I think I deserve having time to myself and to actually experience what I have dreamed about so many times.

I hope things start getting better now

Lately I have been a big bag of Fail. My finance company decided to run a check I had cancelled last month since they lost the check and made me pay online. I guess they must have found the check they lost because they decided to cash it even though they had been paid for November and December.

I had made sure that I had put all my bills and letters in the mail slot on the mailbox, yet every bill made it except that one bill for the car payment. I called them yesterday to let them know that the payment should have not been processed but they didnt care in the least bit. The finance company told me to handle any problems I had with my bank.

In other news the twins are sick again and so is my oldest with some sort of cold. I really hope we dont have another cycle of having the whole house sick again.

You might not have guessed it but I like it the traditional way

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of having a big wedding. I wanted the whole traditional ceremony and walk down the aisle but sadly my wedding didn’t turn out like that. One thing I did make sure to keep tradition were the anniversary gifts by year. Everyone knows that that the first year  anniversary gift is paper and hubby thought he would be funny by giving me a bag full of toilet paper. If the toilet paper looked anything like this   I would not have minded in the least bit but nope it was ordinary toilet paper. He noticed my disappointment  right away and told me to cheer up as that wasnt my real gift. What was my real gift was he had our names and their meanings  engraved into some sort of rice paper and put into a frame. He also got me a teddy bear with his teeshirt engraved with out wedding date and the words” Happy first Anniversary” kind of like this teddy bear

He put so much thought into my gift that I felt bad giving him my gift (which were some  tickets to his favorite football team games) which I had wrapped up in paper,since his tickets were made out of paper I thought they went with the theme. He of course loved the tickets but I felt Iike I  didnt put as much  effort into choosing his gift as he had with mine.

Since that first year I make sure that our wedding anniversary gifts by year are made with much thought and I cant wait til we get to our 25th wedding anniversary and see what kind of silver goodies he gets me. I might not have had the traditional wedding I wanted but doing our traditional wedding anniversary gifts to me has been just as special and something I look foward to each year. Do you know which traditional anniversary gifts you are supposed to get each year? If you like things the traditional way you should learn them so when the time comes you will be prepared and know what gift to get.

A new Beginning

While trying to update wordpress I pushed a button or something that I wasnt supposed to and all my posts disappeared. All I could do was sit down and cry. How can I retrieve my posts? Are they gone forever? I guess all I can do is start from scratch and hope and pray that someone is able to help me find all my hard work. Although I doubt there is anyway to retrieve years of posts.

I was lucky to be able to retrive some of my post from 2007 but any other stuff I simply could not find. I am so heartbroken. I have wiped up my tears and I am ready to start over. I cant help but mourn some of the great times I had saved on my blog and now I have no record of it.

It really is hard to start sosmething over from scratch. I guess this is my new beginning.

Repairs always cost so much

Have I wrote on here how much house repairs have cost us this year? I had to have the kitchen faucet fixed twice. I have had to have a toilet replaced. I had to have the dryer fixed and the vents fixed and I have had to have the dishwasher repaired twice and we have had to have one of the kitchen pipes fixed because it was leasking. I am sure that motorhome repairs would cost less that what we have had to dish out this year alone on house repairs.

I have told my hubby that it is cheaper to have some kind of home warranty for the house to help out with the repairs instead of having to hire people to come and do it. I know its better to own a house than to rent but I sure miss when all I had to do was call the maintanence man and have him come fix things for free. I am going to start looking for some kind of home warranty to insure the house or the repairs at least.

I like it just the way it is

I often wonder if I should enter my websites to some type of directory submission service to get my pagerank up and to target more readers. I sometimes wonder if my thoughts and musings are too boring for some folks to read. I wish I had an extremely exciting life but for right now being a mom to 6 kids is exciting enough for me. There isnt a day that goes by that something is not going on in my household.

A few days ago my 4 year old put a bead in his ear and I was in the ER for a couple of hours waiting for the doctors to get it out. I have twin boys who love to take their clothes and diapers off. I have a melodramatic teenager who everything going on is a tragedy and I have a nine year old who feels bored all the time.

As you can see life is quite busy in my household and thats the way I like it to be. I rather deal with this than have sick kids or much much bigger worries.

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