Wow married for almost ten years

Our tenth year wedding anniversary is approaching us and I cant wait to renew our vows. I didnt have a big wedding the first time around so for my tenth wedding anniversary I know what I want. I would like to have these figurines on my tables for the reception

I would like my theme to be white and sky blue or maybe white and red. I still have to pick out what kind of dress I would like to wear though. Just thinking about a wedding and the wedding reception makes me feel like I am a little kid daydreaming of my perfect wedding.

I can only imagine all the cool wedding anniversary gifts I could get during the wedding reception. When my cousin got married she got so many gifts that she had to make two trips from the reception hall to her house.

All I hope at this point is that my husband remembers to get me some 10th wedding anniversary gifts since he has alot to make up for the big booboo he did during christmas.

Should I or shouldnt I cut my hair ?

I have been debating for the past few days wether or not to cut my hair. my hair is almost to my waist and its a pain in the butt to detangle sometimes. I haven’t found the style that I want it cut like. I guess that is the first thing I should decide on.which style of hair I want?

I keep debating wether I want it to my chin or shoulder length. I am so undescisive when it comes to my hair. I wish I could find a hair cut style that just called out to me.

I always wondered what made her get eczema

I have been lucky this winter that Ariana’s eczema hasn’t been acting up much. I have been looking on to see what I can do to take care of her eczema and thank goodness it hasnt gotten as bad as some other years.

I often wondered why she was the only one of my kids that got eczema. I also wondered if her asthma was related to it? Noone in my family had ever had eczema before her so I am not sure if it is hereditary or what. I am just happy that it hasnt gotten bad to the point where her skin bleeds.

She would scratch it when she was smaller and make her skin bleed. I had to put mittens on her hands just so she wouldnt break the skin. Thank goodness those days of her skin breaking are gone and I hope they dont ever come back again.

I need to remember these things

I have been giving it alot of thought and I need to learn how to motiviate myself into losing the weight. Noone can lose the weight for me. I am going to start reading more weight loss success stories to find hope and encouragement and I am going to do it.

No matter how long it take me I will lose all the weight I need to. I know I am a emotional eater and that has got to stop. I need to change my lifestyle, its not a diet change its a whole lifestyle change that I need to do. I need to join a messageboard where I can find the support I need.

I also need to remember to take it day by day. That is the most important thing for me to do. I am going to see if I can find a gym that doesnt cost and arm and a leg to join.

I lack the motivation and I wish I had more support

I keep saying that I am working on losing alot of this weight but I lack the motivation to keep going. I want to see results right away and often get discouraged when I dont see those results. I have been trying to do portion control and I have been trying to limit my carbs. I wish I knew how to acurately count calories. I am one of those people that likes things set out for them. It is so much easier for me to follow a set guideline than it is to guess and worrying about what it is that I am going to eat and how much calories it contains.

I am not opposed to taking diet pills I just worry about the side effects it might give me. I also wish I had more support and someone who wouldn’t mind walking with me and excersizing with me. I find it so much easier when you have someone encouraging you and working for the same cause.

Sometimes I hate not knowing alot of people in this small town. I miss all the hustle and bustle of living in San Diego and how easy it was to find a nice gym to go to.

If only I had endless amounts of money to change everything

With the weather changing on me like it has, my mind seems to think it is spring and I feel like spring cleaning. I have been going through the kids toys they dont play with and putting them in boxes to give away. I have also been going through the clothes that doesn’t fit them and I plan on donating those clothes.

I have been wanting to change the appearance of my kitchen. Every few months I get tired of looking at my plain kitchen. I bet if I added glass mosaic tiles to my kitchen it would make it more appealing.

I already want to buy new furniture because the ones we have are dreadful. I just need a whole house makeover. I wish I had endless amounts of money to create all the visions in my head.

Mother nature needs to make up her mind

This weather has been driving me up a wall. There are days when it is soo freaking cold that the only way I would stay warm would be with the use of a electric blanket. Then we have days when it is so hot that you need to be wearing shorts and tank tops and flip flops. Mother nature in case you are confused it is still winter. While I can do without the rain the rest fo the cold weather is ok.

I want consistent weather please. I am tired of having to go to the garage and go through my boxes of summer clothes because its too hot to be wearing long sleeve shirts. This crazy weather has been making my nose bleed too and I have been getting sinus headaches.

I would love it if we had weather that wasnt too hot or too cold, that would be prefect. So in case you are listening mother nature please make up you mind.

We should go to the monster truck rally

My oldest son wants to go to the monster truck rally. He has been obsessed with big cars and trucks since he was a little boy. He has been begging us for those ATV that yuo can go off roading with but I just think its too dangerous and he needs to be older. Plus maintanance on those things is expensive,I bet we wouldn’t even be able to repair the ATV Tires much less repair the freaking ATV if anything happend to it.

I know we have the perfect dirt areas around where we live and it doesnt help that he sees all these kids riding them. I just hope he forgets all about owning one and is happy if we take him to the tracks to see the kids ride their motocross bikes and their ATV and sees monster trucks.

Sometimes I think boys cost more than girls because they want more expensive things and things that are dangerous.

The house needs a whole new look.

I get into moods where I want to change everything in my life. I start changing the way the house is decorated. I start throwing out clothes that I dont want and just rearranging everything. Maybe its a way to feel in control of something ? I dont exactly know what it is.

I know that I am tired of the furniture we have. I want more modern furniture to make my house look more lively. We have the sofas my in laws gave their daughter who then gave it to us. I think its time for us to get new furniture.

I want a new bed that has memory foam on it. I bet it would do wonders for my back. I get such restless sleep at night.I bet alot of it has to do with our matteress. I just need to start getting new things little by little. That way I will fill up the house with new things.

Product Review: I have become a Gruene Steam Cleaner and Steam mop queen

If you know me or read my blog you know that I have six kids. I also have my sister-inlaw and my inlaws staying with us for a bit too. You can only imagine what a mess my floor must be with all the traffic that goes through it. I try to mop every other day because if I go more than two days without mopping you won’t believe the gunk that gets on the tile.

My twins learned to walk a few months ago and although they know how to walk they still like to crawl. I am very finicky when it comes to germs.You can only imagine the state of panic I feel everytime I see the babies crawling and then putting their little hands in their mouths.

I got the opportunity of a lifetime by being asked if I would like to review The Gruene Steam mop and Steam cleaner. Who in their right mind would turn down the chance to review a awesome steam cleaner? Not only does the steam cleaner clean my floor but it sanitizes it too. I had been eyeing steam cleaners for quite a while but I didnt want to purchase a steam cleaner that I would have to constantly buy cleaning solution for it to work. The Gruene steam cleaner worked with water. YES you read that right, just using water cleans and sanatizes the floor !!! I have been trying to be more eco friendly and this Steam cleaner and Steam mop is very eco friendly. The Gruene steam cleaner becomes portable so you can use it in your stoves , sinks , bathrooms and any other place that needs to be steam cleaned!!

I fell in love with the Gruene steam cleaner (don’t tell hubby though he might get jealous lol) for giving me peace of mind about letting my babies crawl on the floor.

Take a look at the video below to see the Gruene Steam mop at work.

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