Product Review: I have become a Gruene Steam Cleaner and Steam mop queen

If you know me or read my blog you know that I have six kids. I also have my sister-inlaw and my inlaws staying with us for a bit too. You can only imagine what a mess my floor must be with all the traffic that goes through it. I try to mop every other day because if I go more than two days without mopping you won’t believe the gunk that gets on the tile.

My twins learned to walk a few months ago and although they know how to walk they still like to crawl. I am very finicky when it comes to germs.You can only imagine the state of panic I feel everytime I see the babies crawling and then putting their little hands in their mouths.

I got the opportunity of a lifetime by being asked if I would like to review The Gruene Steam mop and Steam cleaner. Who in their right mind would turn down the chance to review a awesome steam cleaner? Not only does the steam cleaner clean my floor but it sanitizes it too. I had been eyeing steam cleaners for quite a while but I didnt want to purchase a steam cleaner that I would have to constantly buy cleaning solution for it to work. The Gruene steam cleaner worked with water. YES you read that right, just using water cleans and sanatizes the floor !!! I have been trying to be more eco friendly and this Steam cleaner and Steam mop is very eco friendly. The Gruene steam cleaner becomes portable so you can use it in your stoves , sinks , bathrooms and any other place that needs to be steam cleaned!!

I fell in love with the Gruene steam cleaner (don’t tell hubby though he might get jealous lol) for giving me peace of mind about letting my babies crawl on the floor.

Take a look at the video below to see the Gruene Steam mop at work.

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