no energy whatsoever

I have been noticing how much my energy has gone down since I had the twins. Thank goodness I have thick hair because ever since I had the twins some of my hair has been falling out when I shampoo it. I also noticed that when I run around cleaning up I get more tired than I did before.

I am wondeign if I have some kind of vitem deficiency or something. When I was taking multivitamins I felt more better than I have lately. I am wonderign if it’s time for me to go to the docotrs for a checkup. I havent had bloodwork done in a while.

I have started watching what I eat and I plan on working out soon. Maybe working out will help my energy level?

I wish, I wish

I often wish I were lucky. I have a whole bunch of friends win giveawys and sweepstakes and no matter how much giveaways I enter i never win any of them. Alot of the cool things I want I would have to either win them through a giveaway or or I an forget about them.

Money has been so tight since we bought the house. It certainly doesnt help that the market keeps going down ad the value of houses keep dropping. Our loan payment amount wont change even if the house is worth less. I do like my house though. I might not like the city I live in although its more lie a country because there are alot of farms everywhere around us.

The good thing is that I will get to go to Los Angeles this week and I am sooo looking foward to it.

I get tired of them sometimes

His family is so fickle sometimes. They say they are leaving and then they dont. They say they will stay and then they leave without notice. I feel stressed out with them and their problems and they make my face breakout. The worst part about everything is that my hubby doesnt say anything to them.

At this point not even the best acne product wouldn’t clear up these pimples that have showed up overnight. I try to be as nice as I can but when they are mean to me and make rude remarks it makes me upset. What upsets me even more is that my hubby doesnt stick up for me.

What I do on my spare time

I am sitting here bored looking at all kinds of things on the internet. I have been sitting for ten minutes just reading about dog training tips and I dont even have a dog. I am a goofball like that. I am just bored out of my mind. You would think I would use this quiet time wisely but instead of reading a book I am surfing the web.

I should go and start some laundry and get dinner ready but I find the computer more interesting lol. I sometimes wish I could be a bird and fly everywhere I wnted to and be back in time for dinner.

I would like it hear if it had the stores I like to shop in.

In lessm than a week I will be on my way to Los Angeles!!! Can you tell how excited I am about the trip? My brother in law on the other hand aint to happen about having to go to a specialist. I am more than thrilled at leaving this tiny little town.

I love my house but I hate the tiny town we live in. I get excited anytime we get to take a trip out of this place. I feel like we live in the country and have to drive out to the city to get to the good stores. I would love this little town if it had more of the stores I like to shop in.

Why cant life go back to being easy?

I am so looking foward to my trip to L.A. Even if its for a little while I get to get away from all theses bills and everyday stresses . One of the things I need to do and soon is look for the cheapest car insurance there is because are car insurance is costing u an arm and a leg.

I also need to look around for a cheaper cellphone plan. If I dont we might just end up with no cellphones and I dont want that to happen. I have thought about using one of those no contract cellphone places. The hubby says we pay way too much for our cellphone service and something needs to be cut down or turned off.

Why cant life go back to being easy?

Excited about going to L.A

I am anxiously awaiting my trip to Los Angeles. Although its not really a pleasure trip,for me it is because I get to leave the house and go sightseeing while my brother in law has his appointment. I am going to be in the heart of L.A, for some people they think downtown Los Angeles is ugly but I like looking at the skyscrapers.

Maybe Los Angeles is dear to me because thats the city I ws born in. To me dreams are made in Los Angeles or Hollywood.For some it’s New York but for me my heart will always hold the City of angels as one of my favorite places to be.

If only I can make my way down to Santa Monica beach then it will make the trip even more worth it.

I like this new one but I want an even better one

I love the speed of the new desktop computer we have. The old one we had was slower than molassses and froze just about everytime internet explorer was open. I got lucky late last year to get a new one. I cant help but look at the desktop computers sale and drool over the very fancy ones.

I should be happy that this new one runs faster,but it bums me out that it doesnt have a webcam. I really want a webcam to go with it. I really wanted an apple computer but that was beyond our budget. I guess when I am rich or at least have a little bit more of financial freedom I will get me one.

I guess until I hit the lotto I will enjoy this HP we got and keep praying that I hit the big one so I can get everything I want.

How did your day go ?

The hubby and I had a quiet dinner for Valentine’s day. We were talking about what we want to be doing in the next few years and how we can try and make things better. Hubby wants to start his own business. I told him its a good idea but to start your own business you have to have a good amount of money to start it.

You need to find a good business card printing services that you can have you cards printed for a good price. You need to have a nice building in a good location. You need to have insurance and permits and who knows what more things you need just to get started.

He gets mad when I tell him that he needs to have a good amount of money to start his business. I am only thinking ahead and he really doesnt think ahead he just wants to have everything now now now.
Other than that discussion we got into the night went pretty good. How was your Valentine’s day ?

I wonder if they can teach me that in college ?

Sometimes I wish I was as internet and computer savvy as most of my online friends are. I have such a hard time learning all the different computer lingo. I will be the first to admit that I dont know the difference between pci hosting and regular hosting. I didnt even know how to set up my own blog. I had to have my friends help me out.

If there is any kind of online classes to teach me the basics of css and all the cool stuff there is to learn how to do web pages sign me up. I am not that bad where ai dont know how to turn on a computer or anything like that. I do know a little bit about computers but when it comes to designing webpages I have no freaking clue whatsoever.

I wonder if my local college has classes teaching me how to design webpages?

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