Can’t wait to see all the Hotties

Movies for us tonight. Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that the whole month of April is gone and I am going to have my in-laws here with me. I like when they are around sometimes but as soon and the little smart remarks pop up I wish they would go away as quickly as possible.

I cant wait to get to see Fast Five!! I love all the fast and furious movies and sometimes I wish I owned a fast car. Take that back I dont want a fast car when I can barely drive the car we have now. How about I correct that and say I wish I had Vin Diesel driving that car for me.

It’s been hot as heck these past few days and I am only wondering how much hotter it is going to get later eesssshhh

I dont get these gold Parties?

I keep seeing some of my friends have “gold parties” I keep saying to myself what the heck does that mean? I decided to ask my friend what this whole thing is about and she told me basically she has appetizers and has someone from some company give the friends she invites over soem money for their broken gold or any gold jewelry they dont want anymore.

I personally would like to buy gold instead of selling my old gold jewelry but that’s just me. I guess if you need some money quickly you can take your stuff to these “gold parties” I will just keep whatever I have.

Seriously how do you even know if the person taking the jewelry is even giving you the right value for it?

How do people keep their carpets looking new?

I hate to admit it but I am disgusted with how my carpet looks. I have been looking for rug cleaning tips and carpet cleaning systems to get my carpet cleaned. I have looked for a nice decent carpet cleaning service but most of the best deals I have found are for home carpet cleaning service in places other than my town.
I need a good service here in California! We have been living in this house for 2 years and the carpets have all kinds of juice stains and dirt spots. I dont even want to start talking about the stains that are starting to form in my couches. I am sure I could follow some online instructions but it would not come out as good as professionals I bet.

I am just going to keep looking at carpet cleaner places here in California and find one that is best for me. I really hope I can find one with decent rates. My goodness how do people keep their carpets looking new?

My anniversay is tomorrow

Tomorrow is my anniversary and I am wondering what we will be doing. My hunny says he wants to get me something special but after the christmas fiasco I dont know wether to believe him or not. I would be happy with any type of gourmet anniversary gifts he would give me,even a little card would be better than nothing.

I keep wondering wether I should hope for the best or not even count on anything and see how the day goes. My sis in law said she would watch the kids for us if we wanted to go somewhere.I really hope we get to go out to dinner at least. I wish we could go to a amusement park by ourselfs but I wont hold my breath for it.

Yucky thoughts going through my head

There is nothing yuckier than all the germs that are at the chuck e cheese’s restaurant. I saw no less than 4 kids sneezing and coughing and none of them washed their hands. Those kids kept on playing and touching everything. The first thing I did when I got home was shower my kids.

I would much rather take my kids to the movies than have them exposed to such yuckiness. I really hope none of them end up sick after todays encounter with that cesspool. The kids are quietly watching a movie now and the little ones are taking a nap.

Happy 5th birthday to my baby boy David. I hope he is having a good time even though mommy kept telling him to be careful what he touched.

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