One day it will click in

I have seriously been thinking about joining a gym. I want to lose weight and I need to commit to something that way I will make sure I work out. I keep struggling keeping off the few pounds I have lost. I have cut down on my food intake and I have cut out the eating fast food but still the pounds dont fall off like I want it too.

I want to get muscular but not like the big muscular men you see at the gym who I am sure must take some kind of muscle supplements to get built like that. I want to be toned and fit. Its just a matter of motivitation and staying determined.

I need to keep telling myself that I can do it and one day it will click in.

The pain a momma goes through

My poor baby hurt his little arm yesterday. It so hard as a parent seeing one of their children hurt. It is a little sprain on his arm but still heartbeaking. I took him to the doctors and they took x-rays and made sure he didnt break any bones and then put a little splint on it.

He has been so careful with his little arm. I have been monitering him to make sure he is not in pain or anything. I am glad he didnt break it. None of my kids have ever broken any bones and I hope they dont start braking anything. Geez the things mom have to go through. I think I felt more pain for my baby than he did for his sprained arm.

It needs to get taken care of a.s.a.p

My hubby needs to clean up the back yard if he wants to have a little party for the babies. I cant stand the yard looking so awful. I want to have nice grass that is trimmed and looks comfortable to lay in not the mess of grass that we have now.

I really hope he gets to it this weekend. Everytime he is supposed to get to the backyard he always find excuses why he cant get to it. This time I am putting my foot down if he wants a party he needs to have the yard organized. I bet you he will come up with some excuse like he needs to take a look at honda lawn mowers to get to the grass. He can be full of excuses sometimes.

I always thought that guys liked to cut the grass and do manly house fixing things. I was seriously mistaken when I thought hubby was one of those hands on hubbies who like to fix things.

Organization is what I need

I have been trying to get my spring/ summer cleaning on and I know I got to tackle the tons of reciepts I have. I wish I had some sort of scanner software to put them on computer files and have them ready for income tax.

I also want to organize my coupons. Ever since the show Extreme couponing has been on t.v people are getting crazy with it. I love saving money but I will not go to the extreme and buy like 90 ketchups.

I have been getting into the new Hawaii 5-0 show. I also like to watch hoarders and that’s one of the reasons why I want to take care of my house so I dont feel like I am living one of the episodes of that show.

Back pain go away

I have been in so much pain lately. My back has been acting up due to the cold weather we have been getting. I think mother nature got confused and doesnt know wether it wants to be spring or winter. One day I can be wearing shorts and tank tops and another day I have to bust out the coat and sweats.

I used to think I was the only one whose back reacted to the cold but my mother in law has the same problem too. I really hope the weather settles on what it wants to be and I can put my winter wardrobe away.My kids might like the everchanging weather but not me.

In less than two weeks my kids will be off for summer vacation. I wonder what kind of activities we can plan to entertain the kids. I dont want them to be bored all summer long. I hope we can spend some time in San Diego.

Although few those moments count

My hunny can have his sweet moments. Although my husband has a hard time showing his soft side every so often he surprises me. I was feeling really bummed out by not getting a job and he went and cheered me up and made me feel so much better.

I told him that him being sweet makes me love him more and I could see his chest puff out and stand taller. I guess my words were the natural testosterone booster that he needed to hear at the time. There are times where I am not quite sure if he loves me or not but yesterday evening was a good day.

I hope the rest of the week goes good for us. I am gonna go now and get to the dreaded laundry.

I hate waiting

I went to a job interview yesterday. I thought I did good but I hate hearing” We will be interviewing other people all week” I wish they would let me know wether they will hire me or not. I really need a job and I know I can excel in anything that is given to me.

I am trying not to be too bummed out but I am. I was really hoping that they were going to tell me that I was hired. I guess I might not have done as good as I thought I did. My hubby tried to make me feel better by telling me that its ok that it was their loss if they didnt hire me.

I am still going to have a little bit of hope and wait the week but I don’t think they will be calling me.

Where is the parenting and guidance these kids need?

It makes me so sad to see that some of the youths on t.v are so troubled. My daughter used to watch mean girls all time and thought that Lindsay Lohan was so cool. I also thought that she was a good girl and I am shocked at how reckless she has been. Lindsay has had to enter Link To Copy: Drug addiction treatment centers and you would have thought by the second time she went into one that she would have changed but no we see her in the news for stealing jewelry.

My younger daughter liked Miley Cyrus and again I thought Miley was a good girl and since she was on the Disney show and had some many young admirers she would behave better but nope I find pictures of her smoking out of some bong. I am hoping that these kids on t.v find the help they need and I really hope none of the kids watching her or Lindsay follow in their footsteps. Where is the parenting these kids in Hollywood need?

Wow times have changed

I have had such a bad week that I am hoping tomorrow will be much better. I have been trying to cheer myself up by going to and trying to find a toy or two to help me relax. I have thought about getting myself this Knead me massage set or maybe getting getting the Honeymoom carry-on bag to spark some of of the romance that has dwindled since having all the kids we have.

I love being a mom to my six kids but I am not going to lie the romance and sexy times that my husband and I had has dwindled alot. Gone are the days of candlelight baths or being able to make love hours and hours. I am lucky if I can sneek in a quickie before one of my kids is at the door asking me where their shirt is. I would love to be able to have some alone time when the kids are in bed but by that time I am so exhausted all I want to do is sleep.

My hubby and I have been talking about getting a babysitter at least once a week or once every two weeks and try to go out on a date or at least make time for each other. I think that is a great idea and any kind of new toys will certainly start the mood and hopefully help us rekindle the freakyness that we used to have before we had kids.

I didn’t think having kids would change our sex life as much as it has, but when you find out that I have six kids then some people understand why we hardly have time for ourselves. Other people make jokes and tell me that obviously we couldn’t keep our hands to ourselves and that’s why we have six kids and in a way they were right, back then we couldn’t stay away from each other. Now between changing diapers of twins and dealing with a teenager and a dramatic 9 year old who’s life is falling apart everyday and dealing with a 7 yr old boy and a 5 year old boy who is very mischievious I dont know how I make it everyday.

As you can see I live a hectic life and all I want to do is be the best mom I can be and remind myself that I am a wife and a woman with needs who deserves a few new adult toys to be able to relax to and enjoy with my hubby.

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Why is everything going wrong??

I am having a very bad day. Nothing seems to be going right. The dryer went out and the darn tech they sent told me he has the part to fix it but doesnt want to fix it because he thinks that the air vent is what made the part bad therefore it voids the warranty we have on the dryer.

I was also supposed to get paid for some work and I didn’t. I had a bill to pay that went late because I depended on the money that I didn’t get. The doctors appointment that my child had got cancelled and I got told minutes before I drove to the doctors office which is 30 minutes away from home.

I just want to go to bed and have a do over. I hope this is the last time that I have a day like this and I hope that the rest of my week is calm and without any incidents. I think I just have to have a nice stiff drink and I dont drink alcohol so that says alot.

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