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I recently got the chance to review a vibrator.
I jumped at the chance and really who wouldn’t want to review one ? I couldn’t wait to recieve my package(that sounded dirty didn’t it) from Babeland. I can tell you one thing I was not ready for the surprise I got when I recieved the We Vibe Tango. In a cute polygon shaped box was a purple bullet and a round white charging base for the vibe to sit in while it charges. It also came with a white bag that fits the we vibe tango and the charging base and the plug into it ( how spiffy I thought to myself)but I was a little bit baffled? Why was I baffled you ask?

Well I thought to myself how can a lipstick shaped bullet that was 3 1/2inches pack the punch I was looking for, how could such a small vibe give me the relief I was needing at the moment? I was prepared to be let down and then I turned it on after charging it (which took about 90 minutes or less,I was quite impressed bythe way)by pushing the button on the bottom and was greeted with a cute orange light letting me know it was on and of course the soft vibe that took over the whole vibrator let me know that it was ready to be put to work.

I barely got through two of the eight different vibrating patterns before I reached the happy ending I was looking for. I was quite impressed by all the different settings this little vibrator brought, each vibration brought a little variation that had me wiggling and squirming with delight. I especially loved the way the orange light came on and off when the We Vibe Tango was on the pulsating mode.

The We Vibe Tango passed my bedroom test, but I was wondering how it would do in my bath. I thought under water the vibrations wouldn’t be as strong or work as good ( I have had other waterproof vibrators not work that good) but I was so wrong the We Vibe Tango worked just as good as it had in my bedroom. The vibrations underwater were quiet as can be and the only noises you could hear were me trying to contain my excitement.

What I love best about the We Vibe Tango is the care and maintenance of it. Some simple soap and water will keep the We Vibe Tango clean. The We Vibe is made of Plastic and safe to use with water based lubricants only (at that is what the little instruction book that came with it said) and of course it is waterproof as I personally tested it out.

So in my ending of this review I must say never judge a vibrator by its size because it might pack a mighty punch or in this case a mighty vibe that you wont even get to the 8 different modes before you are left satisfied.

Review: We Vibe Tango

Originally uploaded by domesticvixen

Review: We Vibe Tango

Originally uploaded by Domesticvixen

thank you to the wonderful people over at babeland for letting me have the opportunity to review this vibe in exchange for my honest opinion!

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