What do I wanna do when I grow up ?

I am getting to a point in my life where I feel I need some direction. I have been a mother and a wife and I think its time I do something for myself. I have been toying with the Idea of becoming a pharmacy tech. I first wanted to be a medical assistant but when they said I had to take peoples blood I quickly got rid of the idea of sporting a beautiful lab coat because there is no way I am going to be poking people and taking their blood.

I still want to work in the medical field though so pharmacy tech is my next option. I will still get to wear medical scrubs and I still get to help other people so its a win win situation. Many of the courses that I have seen take about a year and some months in internship. I really think that is something that I can do and handle.

I really want to be able to have a career or at least a good job and there is no other way to have a good job unless you have work experience or a degree. I must also say that getting to wear a lab coat sounds so exciting and professional to me.

Why do I find it so difficult?

I have been trying to lose weight for I dont know how many years now. I always say I am gonna do it but I dont. I am sure if I got myself a physical trainer orange county has some good ones I have heard I would be able to do it.

I always lose a pound or two and gain it right back. I dont think I am doing the proper excercises. If you asked me to install home security cameras now that’s something I could do but the proper excercises that will make me lose weight forget it.

I dont know why I can be soo good with electronics but when it comes to working out and getting skinnier I can’t make it past 5 or 10 pounds. I need to pretend my body is a big electronic device and fix myself !! I really need some assistance or rather someone to push me to my limit so I can start looking like the women in Hollywood.

If only I could build an igloo

This hot weather has really been kicking my booty lately. I have had a bloody nose a few times and felt like I was going to faint from the heat. I have been running my air conditioner non stop and I can only imagine high high my bill will be. You would think I would be used to the weather here since we have been living here for 2 years now.

I have been doing my best to find activities for the kids to do indoors. I have had two of the kids already end up with bloody noses too. I often find myself wondering how would we make it if we lived some place where it got hotter than it does here? The temps haven’t even reached more than 101 and I cannot handle it.

I like coldness better because you can always add clothes or blankets and get warm. When its hot you can’t do more than get naked and even then that might not help. Taking a cold shower helps but when it is so hot and sticking inside the house and outside no matter what you do you cant fix it.

I guess I have no choice other than run my AC and pray that by miracle my monthly bill doesnt go higher than the 400 a month like it was last year. If only I had magival powers to build an igloo and lay in there.

I wish I would have done it ages ago

I wish I would have went to a college or a university when I had the chance. I have been looking for a job but without proper education there is no way I am going to be able to get a good job. I have given alot of thought about looking at online universities that will be able to give me the degrees I need to get a good career or at least a well paying job.

I have been telling my kids that the most important thing for them is to get a good education. If they want to be successful in this world they will need to aquire all the tools to get them there. I really hope they learn from my mistakes. I am now trying to do what I should have done a long time ago. Whether my children decide to look into online universities or regular colleges is their choice. As long as they go to college or a university and get their degree I will be happy.

It does make a difference

I have lost 4 pounds I know it may not be important to other people but to me it is. I have been trying to lose weight for quite some time and was not successful at it. I have been changing alot of the ways I used to eat and now its making a difference.

I stopped drinking soda and I am trying to limit the amount of sugars and carbs that I intake. I am hoping that I can keep on eating right and not give in to all the bad food I used to eat. I really hope that this time I can stick with the changes I have made and I lose weight.

I love freecycle

I love it when communities try to help out each other. Freecycle is one of my favorite groups on yahoo. I have given and recieved items I needed on many occasions. While every now and then you run into someone who is trying to scam people most of the time its just nice people trying to help out.

I have seen posts lately about someone needing a xbox network cable and if I had it I would surely like to help out. I have helped out by giving away a microwave and clothes and baby items and I have gotten a rake and a push mower given to me so I for one am glad that we have a freecycle in our community that helps keep good stuff out of land fills and helps someone out in the process.

A great family outting

We took the kids to a baseball game. Even though the team aren’t major league the kids had fun. It was a nice wonderful day the weather was perfect and cheering on the team was fun. I think my kids might end up being sports fanatics like my husband!!

I thought it was going to be hard to sit alot of hours watching the game but since it was outdoors and a lot of noise and things going around the twins were entertained. After the game we were offered buy one get one free tickets so we will be going back for a future game.

I will be back though

Since summer is here and the kids dont want to be stuck at home we have been on the go. I took them looking around town and saw all the little shops that are located in the next neighboring city.One little shop caught my eye, It was a cool little indian shop that had a nice teepee in the front of the store.

The smell inside reminded me of Backwoods cigars that I used to smell when my uncle would take us camping and we would sit out at night and tell scary stories. The store had some cute indian figurines and beautiful dreamcatcher earrings. I wish I would have took more money than I did that day because after taking the kid out to lunch and buying them an icecream cone each I was left broke and couldnt buy the cute earrings. I do plan on going back and getting them. I will also try to remember to pack my camera and take a picture of the teepee.

Maybe tonight will be one of those nights

I love the days when I am able to have a few hours of quiet time. What do I do during those hours you ask? Well I for one try to catch up on my shows that I haven’t had time to watch. I love watching law and order :svu and house. I also like to watch some of the movies we have at home.

I watched a crazy movie recently with Liam Nessan and one of the bad guys tries to run away and when he thinks he has gotten away clean he gets hit by a truck. That’s karma for his butt. I bet you he wished he would have had a Brooklyn Accident Lawyer or someone to help him out after he got hit. I get so into these action movies that I end up talking to the t.v and telling the characters to run or look out. Thank goodness I am at home and not at a theater or I am sure I would have been kicked out.

Maybe tonight will be one of those nights where the kids will go to sleep when they are supposed to and I can sit down and relax and get to watch a good movie.

A little glimpse of my life

Most people start buying christmas presents in November. I have to start looking for christmas presents in June to make sure I get my six kids the equal amount of gifts. I am no stranger to shopping in the clearance section for them and I am not ashamed to use coupons for their gifts.

I dont consider myself an extreme couponer but if I can use coupons to save money I will. I am constantly looking for great deals and let me tell you that dressing six kids with different styles isnt always easy. I love shopping at old navy when they have sales and Target is one of my favorite stores too.

I only wish this little town had a kids consignment store because I have plenty of baby clothes that is new or almost new that the twins left behind. I really should have a garage sale!! I have been wanting to have a garage sale for weeks but with all the kids off for the summer it is hard to plan anything. I need more time because my days fly by.

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