I wonder what it was ?

We had an eventful weekend. We went to Las Vegas to drop off the inlaws because my Hubbies grandma is not doing good and his mother went to go take care of her. While there we stayed in a hotel and I think we might have gotten bit by bedbugs because we got little bumps that itch.

I am so disgusted at the thought that such a fancy hotel might have had bedbugs. I am gonna make a doctor’s appointment to see If we can get some cream or something to stop the itching. Hubby took pictures of his bites and I am not sure if he is gonna complain or what.

Ughh I am soo creeped out by the thought that it might have been bed bugs that bit us or some kind of bug.

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I hope, for your sake, that it isn’t bed bugs! I hear they can be incredibly difficult to contend with 🙁

I hope it wasnt either. Luckily the little bumps went away.

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