The things you discover

Living in a country setting has it’s advantages and it’s disadvantages. One of it’s disadvantages is that I have to drive at least 15 minutes to get to a decent mall. You can forget about having a nice beach minutes away. The one good thing is that there isnt alot of traffic around and if you drive a few minutes away you can see plenty of dairy farms and acres of land where they sell you grass to landscape you house and you can take your kids to see the cool goulds pumps they use to irragate the grass and keep it nice and green.

I only wish I had a good camera to take pictures. I like to take the kids to places where they can learn and discover new things. I dont want them being so addicted to the t.v and video games like I see so many kids do nowadays.I only wish my grass would get as pretty and green as the grass those people sale.

I think on the weekend we just might take the kids to the nearby farm and see if they can learn more about the pigs and chicken and farm animals they have there. I am glad I am finding ways to keep the kids entertained.

p.s Finding activities outside of the home also keeps my house cleaner(lol).

Bad luck but with a great outlook of whats to come

I hve no clue why we have been having such bad luck.I have been putting in job applications but noone will call me. Now tell me how are people supposed to get job experience if noone will hire them? I am hoping and praying that next year will be a better year for us.

The kids are having a blast going to football and cheer practice. It is soo cute seeing the little ones run in their gear. I am so glad that my children are having so much fun. I cant wait to be one of those sports momwearing the teams tee shirt.

I never knew how much conditioning the boys do for football. One thing I know for sure the kids are learning is discipline. I am glad that they are learning how to follow directions and play together as a team!!!

I need to be better soon I got a wedding I need to be at

One thing is for sure I hope I am better for my cousin’s wedding. I have to go and see what she registered with that barcode scanner thingie. I am sure she has pots and pans on there and that’s what I would love to get her. During her bachlorette party we got her linens and comforters and towels so I know they need appliances and kitchen ware.

I really dont want to bbe injured and messed up during her wedding. Why cant I magically heal and be able to go on with my life? I was supposed to be going with my aunt to make sure all the wedding reception things are taken care of. I already missed the last wedding dress fitting and I am bummed out about that.

Hot Summer

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

It gets really, really hot here this time of year. I’m talking cook an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot. I guess that’s what you bargain for when you move to Houston like I did. There are a lot of ways to deal with the heat here like going to Http:// or installing a really high-powered AC system but there are more fun ways, too. There’s lot of great watering holes just outside the city and tons of public pool that make it easy to cool off. At night there are a slew of great rooftop bars that sell frozen drinks to help you stay cool and if all else fails you can always go inside a museum for a day! I don’t really understand why people complain about the heat so much – it’s really a fact of life when you choose to live here so I’ve really grown used to it. I think I’ll be living in Houston for a long time so I’ve definitely got that great AC system!

If I was a guy I would love to do that !!

I have been watching movies to let the time pass. In one of these movies there are some guys sitting in hunting tree stands waiting to catch their prey. I think if I was a guy I would love to go hunting or at least being able to sit in one of these tree stands and check out the wildlife around me.

I know that alot of people still hunt on the east coast and it sounds like something cool to do. My family used to go camping and I thought that was fun,I can only imagine how fun it must be for some guys to go hunting with their dads.

Cant this be over with already

I am getting so irratated with this pain. The pain killers the doctor prescribed doesn’t take away the pain all it does is make me feel fuzzy. My kids are so sweet they have been doing the best they can to entertain me. So far they have put together a play. They have played charades and have me guess what movie they are doing. They have also been trying to keep me company.

My sister in law has been helping with the twins and cooking. I am just going stir crazy not being able to do things for myself. I hope when I go to the doctors they are able to tell me how long it will take for me to heal. I hoe for me it doesnt take too long.

I am hating this!!!

It’s funnny what you think about when you are laid up in bed not being able to move around much. First thing I noticed is that I need surround speakers fro my room because they volume on my t.v doesnt do the movies I play on my dvd justice. If I am going to have to be confined to one room in the hosue I want to be as comfortable as I can.

I also need to ask hubby to get me some books to read. I am glad hubby is letting me use his laptop but it is so slow and frustrating sometimes. I am already getting tired of not being able to walk all over the place and I hate feeling pain!!

I can’t believe this happened to me.

I haven’t been writing much on here because I got injured on tuesday at walmart. I was walking towards the cash register when I slipped and fell because there was water on the floor and no sign or anyone blocking the area where there was water. immediately felt excrutiating pain and almpst passed out. I an such a wuss when it comes to pain. Yhe paramedics had to come and take me to the hospital but before they could even move me they had to give me a shot of morphine. I get to the hospital and I am still in so much pain. I ended up with another shot of dilaudid so they could get some x-rays.

I ended up having a strained back and an ankle sprain and a knee strain. To say I am in pain doesn’t cover it. I cannot believe this happened to me. I have so many things to do and now I am not even supposed to be standing up for long. This really sucks!!!

Now those are good questions

When you live in a small town like mine you are constantly trying to find fun outing for the kids. One thing we got here is alot of dirt roads and dirt hills. I guess it must be a popular town to go riding ATV’s because you can go about 8 miles from my house and see all kinds of kids and adults riding there dunebuggies and going off roading with their toys.

My kids love watching them ride their cars up and down the hills. Leave it to my 7 year old who is curious about everything to ask me what the LED Light Bar is for in front of the Atv. I didnt know what it was really for and I said its so they can see any puddles at night. I am glad he was satisfied with that answer. His next question was “why do the Atv’s not have windows” I had no clue as to why they dont and why they arent completely covered. I am going to make sure next time I take them to the dirt hills that their dad goes too and he can answer all the questions they have.

My kids are bursting with excitement

My kids are so excited to start playing soccer and playing football and the girls doing cheer. I keep wondering how we are going to manage talking the kids to all their practices and games. I do love their enthusiasum and I will do as best as I can to let them go and have fun.

I still need to get their gear for soccer and football. I an really hoping that companies start having some kind of package deal because that’s alot of stuff I need to get for my 4 kids that are playing. 3 of the kids played soccer before and know what to do. I wonder how my 5 year old is going to like it.

I hope the weather cools down a little bit during practices and games but I really doubt it.

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