My kids are bursting with excitement

My kids are so excited to start playing soccer and playing football and the girls doing cheer. I keep wondering how we are going to manage talking the kids to all their practices and games. I do love their enthusiasum and I will do as best as I can to let them go and have fun.

I still need to get their gear for soccer and football. I an really hoping that companies start having some kind of package deal because that’s alot of stuff I need to get for my 4 kids that are playing. 3 of the kids played soccer before and know what to do. I wonder how my 5 year old is going to like it.

I hope the weather cools down a little bit during practices and games but I really doubt it.

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wow that’s alot of stuff to have to buy! and lots of running around too 🙂
and omg if it isn’t 100 in the shade around here. i hate summer!

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