We always have to prepare for any case scenario

It craxy how many new things you can learn when you are shopping for life insurance or car insurance. I had no idea about actuary definition until I was reading into insurance rates.

MY aunt’s husband lost his 10 year old son and no one had any type of life insurance and we had no money to have a funeral. Luckily for my aunts husband his mother had some money and was able to pay for the funeral costs. Stuff like that gets me thinking that we need to be better prepared in case some kind of tragedy happens. It is always good to be prepared.

I dont ever want to have to deal with such a bad situation and on top of it have to figure out costs for things we have no money to pay with.

Look at my kiddies ready for their game

Look at my kiddies in their soccer uniforms. They were so excited for their first soccer game. They were exhausted after playing in the sun but they were quite happy to have had a very good first game.

Now every weekend we will be having soccer games and come september we will also be doing football and cheer. They are going to be some very busy kids.

I need to get a move on it

Its getting close to the holidays and I need to start thinking about using Paper Culture holiday photo cards to send out to family. I always get behind schedule on sending out my cards and this year I would like to be on the ball and send them out not only to family but the great friends I have made online.

Speaking of friends,either you are or aren’t my friend. I cant stand fake people or people who lie and act like something they are not. Just be real with me and I will accept you for who you are always. I am not judgemental and I am a really nice person. Once you get to know me you will love me.

a new change for me

I colored my hair. Well actually I highlighted it. My hair has always been black and I never do anything with it. I was so glad to go out of my shell and do something crazy with it. The best part was that it didn’t cost me much and I was happy with the results.

It takes very little to make me happy and getting my hair done and feeling beautiful for the day was worth it for me. What do you guys think of the new hair color ?

Things don t go as we normally plan them

We were supposed to have gone camping last weekend but like always that didnt work out. It would have been nice to go camping and use Jetboil stoves if we had to to make our food but last minute changes prevented us from going camping.

Instead we ended up at the beach. The kids had a wonderful time and I am glad they got to enjoy themselves. I though it was a little chilly for my taste but they are able to stand the cold alot better than I do.

Next week will be their first week of school so this week we are working on them getting their bodies used to waking up early.

I got to get all the school shopping done

School is about to start for these kids and I still have some school shopping to do. I have been looking for walmart coupons to see if I can get some of their stuff for lower prices. I didnt used to be a smart coupon shopper but with all these kids I am sure learning how to be.

I am beyond shocked at how much things cost. Gone are the days when school provided paper and pencils. I have to even provide the school with disenfectint wipes. I have to buy my kids ream of white paper so their homework can be printed on.
This economy is affecting everyone badly.

The crap I had been dealing with

If you are wondering what happened to me, I will tell you what has been going on. I have been busy trying to get the car fixed.Not only did I need to replace the alternator but I also had to replace a wheel bearing and the axle. I dont knwo how we were able to even drive the car.

I watched dumbfounded when the repair guy showed me how the axle was and how it didnt even fit the groove it was supposed to be in. I really hope that is the last of the repairs that car will need besides th pcm computer chip it needs.

I am glad we didnt get into an accident or worse had I not taken the car in multiple times to the car repair shop and dealer shop to let them know I was concerned. I was especially upset because the dealer did an inspection and they didnt tell me the problem. I took it to a small car repair shop and the guy was able to find the problems right away.

ugh my world turns inside out and upside down

I have had a horrendous few days. Lets start back with the painful physical therapy and just as equally painful chiropractor.I have been in tremendous pain for th epast few days after going to the chiro. I have also been trying to schedule physical therapy closer to my home instead of driving in pain.

The other night I spent countless hours in the E.R because my oldest kid sprained her hand really bad and I have had very minimal sleep since then. The very next day the car broke down and even though we replaced the alternator last year we had to replace it again!!

I just want to be able to go to a nice restuarant and eat and relax at this point. I think I have reached my breaking point right now. I would so flip out if the place we went to had some kind of Restaurant System problems or something. I need a quick getaway to recharge and be able to function. I have been run down taking care of everyone and myself that I just need a break from everything!!

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