ugh my world turns inside out and upside down

I have had a horrendous few days. Lets start back with the painful physical therapy and just as equally painful chiropractor.I have been in tremendous pain for th epast few days after going to the chiro. I have also been trying to schedule physical therapy closer to my home instead of driving in pain.

The other night I spent countless hours in the E.R because my oldest kid sprained her hand really bad and I have had very minimal sleep since then. The very next day the car broke down and even though we replaced the alternator last year we had to replace it again!!

I just want to be able to go to a nice restuarant and eat and relax at this point. I think I have reached my breaking point right now. I would so flip out if the place we went to had some kind of Restaurant System problems or something. I need a quick getaway to recharge and be able to function. I have been run down taking care of everyone and myself that I just need a break from everything!!

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I really hope you are getting better!!! I know that pain management and therapy can sometimes do more harm than good, and I really hope you are going to people that are really trying to help you and not hurt yoU!

ps: alternators hate the summer time. i’m VERY lucky ours hasn’t went out yet! *knock on wood*

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