I am gonna get me something this year

i know its still a little early to be christmas shopping but I really want a pc tablet. I would be able to get some of my work done if I had a tablet to check my emails. I could really use all the cool apps that come with a tablet.

I am always put on the back burner when it comes to gifts. I think this year I am going to make sure I save some money to buy myself a gift. I dont care if I have to save for months I want to be able to open up a christmas gift this year.

I am counting down the days

My inlaws are finally moving out of my house and into a house of their own. I am very happy for them and happy for us that we are getting our house back. My mother in laws mom is also going to be moving in with them. I believe they are going to be bringing their rv from San Diego. I believe they need to get rv repair done on the vehicle before they can bring it down though.

I have been slowly counting down the days until they are able to move in. I have been as helpful as I can be so that they can have everything situated and are out my house in two weeks.

a fun filled day

day at the parkWe had a nice day.We woke up early to go to sons football games and after we went to their soccer games. We also went to the park. I brought a book to read while the hubby played with the kids. I need to get new reading glasses because my eyesight kept getting blurry.

I hope I can just order some new glasses and not have to go through the ordeal of getting the eye dilating stuff in my eyes. The kids had so much fun and now they are ready to go to bed after having a nice warm shower. I am ready to chill and watch a movie quietly too.

A new signature perfume for a new me

Guest post written by Misty Fallon

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years, so I’m ready to try and really renew myself. It’s really tough for me to think about living my life without him, but I’m welcoming it. I thought that now would be a really great time to give myself a mini makeover. I’m not ready to get back on the dating scene but I want to make sure that when that happens, I’m looking and feeling great about myself.

I used my San Francisco wireless internet to find some ideas on how to give myself a little mini makeover without a whole lot of trouble. I found one beauty blog that had a post about how putting on perfume can really change your mood.

I went perfume shopping and picked out a really nice smelling Guess perfume that just smells so great. I smelled it and it smells so much bolder than the perfume that I’ve been wearing for a while now, but not in an overpowering way. That’s exactly what I was thinking about for my new perfume.

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