I will let him do what he wants and I will get what I want

I really need to look into getting new motorola batteries for hubby’s cellphone. I am tired of his phone dying if he has a 20 minute conversation. It might be cause his phone is almost two years old.

I think he should upgrade his phone but he hates being under contract. I want to renew my contract so I can get a spiffy phone with cool features. I am tired of having the same ugly phone for two years now.

I think I might just save up the money and get me a new phone and I am going to let him just get a new battery for his phone.

Busy busy and I stay busy

Our weekends sure are busy. We just finished the soccer games and we are packing to go to San Diego this evening. It is going to be a quick turn around trip. I will get to spend some time with my sister in law and we will be taking the kids to the zoo.

I am sure they wi,l be having lots of fun. I need to remember to pack my camera. I dont know where I will find the energy but i will have to find it somehow. I hope we can go out tonight and have a girls night out. Its been a while since I have just hung out with the girls and not will all the kids and hubby.

I cannot believe that in two days it will be halloween. I got two great costumes for the twins and I only paid 5 buscks each which is a bargain.

I am soo excited for my lil cousin

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, I am beyond excited about my little cousin getting married. We are going to go to Laas Vegas for her wedding the first week of November and partying the weekend. I cannot believe that my little Halloween witchie is turning 21 and getting married.

I have been worried about all the little details. Wether she has a wedding videography person and if she has all the decorations she needs and I am just hoping everything goes perfect for her.
I hope to be able to take lots of pictures on her wedding day. I feel a little bit of sadness and a whole lot of happiness for her. I just cant wait to get to Las Vegas.

its a little coldy out there

The mood is quite gloomy because it is cloudy and rainy and all I want to do is crawl back into my bed and relax.I want to stay in my pjs all day but I got things to do. I have to go and get some snacks for my kids classroom because they are going to be having their fall festival.

I wish I would get paid. I have been waiting on my paycheck for two weeks and I am hoping it comes soon because I still need to get a few things before I go out of town. Have I mentioned that my favorite cousin is going to get married? I am beyond happy and excited for her. I still need to get a nice outfit for the wedding.

I am wondering if there will be any football practice today because I dont want my kid out in the rain.

I miss my old stomping grounds

I took this picture when I went to visit San Diego. I only wish I had a good money to look at digital cameras and buy a nice one that would have taken a better picture. I can’t believe how much I miss San Diego. It’s true when they say” you dont know what you got til its gone” I sure miss being able to walk the sandy beaches or being minutes away from my best friends house.

I hope I can visit San Diego soon. I want to take my kids to Sea World so A trip to San Diego will be in the near future.

I miss that newborn smell

I am trying to do some fall cleaning and I have finally gotten rid of the maternity clothes I have held onto for so long. I will no longer have any babies. My twins are at that stage where they are no longer babies they are in the toddler stage where everything is a new discovery. They wont let me baby them anymore and that makes me kind of sad.

I hope some family members start having babies soon because I sure miss holding babies and smelling that newborn smell.

I can’t believe how those parents and kids acted

Oh my goodness my daughter’s soccer game was something else yesterday. I cannot believe the bad sportsmanship shown by the parents as well as the team members. I have never heard such foul mouthed kids and the parents encouraging it. Yeah our team my have lost 2-1 but our girls played fair and with respect not dirty like the other team did.

If I thought the game was bad the parents were worse leaving the parking lot after the game. They were talking crap to our parents even though we were in our home field and they were the visiting team. I am quite astonished at the way these parents were acting. I really hope this is the last time my daughter has to witness anything like that.

Why cant I have perfect skin?

With the cold weather approaching my face and body have taken a toll. I notice that everytime the temperature changes my face gets dry and I start peeling. I have been reading about dead sea products and I think I am going to give them a try.

I cant start it when the weather affects me this bad. I always struggle with getting pimples or my face being too oily or too dry. Why oh why cant I be like some of the girls that have perfect skin with no blemishes? I really hope my girls dont have to go through what I deal with.

Damn Lindsay someone get her help quick

I know I got bad teeth but what was Lindsay Lohan thinking going on the red carpet with nasty yellowing rotten teeth. When you are famous and have money and access to the best there should never be an excuse why you go on the red carpet with a yuck mouth.

I think I threw up in my mouth when I saw pictures of her teeth. I am not saying mine are perfectly white and I dont have problems with my teeth but damn someone help that child. Look at the yuckness.

I often think about it

Every once in a while it crosses my mind how much I would like to work in the medical field. I would love to be able to wear fashion seal scrub sets and be able to help people. I will admit that I would totally shop at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/ and get all the scrubs I needed.

I am one of those people who would wear my uniform proudly and be proud to be helping people all the time. I jsut really need to get my general education done and start picking a career. My kids are getting older and its time that I think about what I would like to do with my life.

I really want to have something to fall back on. I want to be able to have something to do that will have meaning and that I will be proud of doing.

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