I am thankful for him

Soccer season is officially over for my husband and the kids. He will have to retire his challenge coin and his referee uniform and wait until next year to coach the kids again and ref some games.

I loved watching my husband do what he loves best and that is participate on a sport he loves and teach his children the game he enjoys playing soo much. I am lucky that I have such a good husband who tries his best at taking care of us and is such a good father. If you ask me what I a thankful for I will tell you that it is that my children have such a good dad.

Slowly recovering

Have you been wondering where I have been? I caught some virus from hell and it is taking me forevr to recover. My kids got sick too and they were good to go a few days later. I havent had such a quick recovery as they have. I am wondering if it’s because I am lacking vitamins like my asunt says or if I am just an unlucky soul with a bad immune system.

Since I have been sick I have been neglecting my husband. I should buy him some mens lingere and some for me and just plan a romantic night for us. I normally try to find some time for us but when you are not feeling well the last thing on your mind is spending time with anyone.

I hope we get good weather going home

One thing we didnot expect when we came to vegas was the bad weather. It is so windy and rainy right now. I wonder if they have a storm shelter in case the weather gets too bad. I am such a worry wart and even though a nice event will happen tomorrow I cant help but wonder how the weaher will be for tomorrow and when we go home the next day.

I do not like the rain in the least bit. I am scared of thunder and lightening.Lets not talk about how much I freak out when the weather gets bad. I really hope when we go home its nice and sunny.

I am in Vegas baby

I am here in Vegas and I am having a blast.We have had a good fun time having girl talk and I cant wait to go to my cousins wedding. I really hope I picked the right dress for the wedding. My whole family is down in vegas for the wedding and there is alot of partying going around this weekend.

I am sure this is going to be a weekend to never forget. I hope I dont act a fool. Especially with my family around. I also hope that the shot and pain meds I got yesterday help because I sure couldnt move or think straight yesterday.

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