How do you choose what gift to buy?

What kind of gifts do you like to get when you are invited to a party? I like to get personalized gifts because they seem like a very thought out gift. I want a gift that comes from the heart.

I want to think what the person I am giving the gift to means to me. I dont like going and just getting a gift card unless that is what the person really wants. I feel that gifts coming from someone should be something that the person will remember for years to come. What type of gifts do you like to give or recieve?

What do you think of my new hair color

I decided to get my hair colored. I am not sure if I like my hair so light. I am still trying to get used to my hair color. I am thinking of getting it colored red next. I was just looking for a new change in hair color. I often get bored and one of the first things I change is my hair color or hair style.

I am also going to try and lose more weight this year. I had a minor setback and gained some of the pounds I lost. I will not give up though. I will keep on trying to lose weight.

What are you doing to keep them busy

I have to find some way to keep the kids entertained since they are off for christmas vacation. I have thought about looking for the best downloader there is that will help me download all the videos that I have of the kids throughout the years. I am sure they will love watching home movies of themselves and of us when we were their age.

I also have to find some board games that dont have too many pieces because the twins like to take the little pieces and throw them all around and now we cant fidn the pieces to the board games we have. Other than arts and crafts I am running out of ideas and gifts for the kids. What are you doing to entertain your kids during these holidays?

Daydreaming about where I could live is fun

Here I am on a Sunday night watching football. I would much rather be in another place that in this little town. I get in my moods where I go online and look at different places were I could live other than in this little town. I ran into rentals in Edmonton and it sounds better than here.

The weather here is cold enough to get snow but we never do. I wonder what the weather would be like if we lived in Edmonton.I wonder what the weather would be like anywhere in the east coast. I want to live in a place where they have seasons.

I guess I will go and continue daydreaming about the places I could live at while my family watches the football game.

What do I get her

I am running around like a chicken with her head cut off looking for last minute christmas presents. I have family staying with me and I need to find them a nice gift. I dont want them to feel left out when the family opens presents.

I am wondering if a nice gift basket from bath and body works will do the trick. I am not sure what to get her since she said there isnt anything that she really wants. I can always get her a gift card that that always seems like not much thought has gone into it.

Ugh I wonder if I can take her to the store with me and see if she sees anything she might like or hint around.

What do I get him for Christmas?

I have some reviews to do but I have been so busy with family visiting and getting ready for christmas that I keep putting it off. I am going to work hard to get those posts done. I am not even done getting christmas gifts and it’s stressing me out. I hope I can get all my shopping done before christmas gets here.

I have been having a hard time finding a good gift for my hubby. I have no clue what to get him. I have gotten him everything he has wanted and this year I have no clue what he needs or wants. I have asked him what he would like and he says “surprise me” I have no clue what to even surprise him with.

What do you think would be a good gift for my hubby? I have thought of just getting a giftcard and lettingn him pick but that seems like there is no thought into it. I think I might just buy him some jewelry. I think a chain or a nice ring might make a good gift. I hate not knowing what to get him.

Did you miss me ?

Have you been wondering where I have been ? Besides getting super sick and being sick mrore than a week I had to play catch up with my laundry and I have had to get ready for christmas.Money has been so tight this year I wish I could get a good paying job. I have seen some ads in Healthcare Aides Jobs but I dont think I am qualified for any of those jobs.

I really hope in this upcoming year to be able to go to school and learn a trade. I bet if I had more experience I would get hired. I have gone on multiple job interviews and I still haven’t gotten hired in any of them.

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