I got real sick

I don’t know if I wrote on here or not but I got strep throat and ended up hospitalized because my fever wouldn’t come down. I ended getting a shot on my butt and gtting antibiotics. I got such a high fever that I ended up delirious and crying and saying nonsense according to my hubby and mu sis in law.

I have had strep throat before but never high fever that wont come down and I end up being admitted for a day in the hospital. While I was in the hospital I kept seeing commericals for an eternity band and you guessed it now I want one. I have been wanting an anniversary ring for quite a while but now I want an eternity band.

I am barely getting better and I haven’t seen the commerical ever since I got back home. I wonder if they show different commericals from direct tv and regular cable t.v? Well guys that is what has been going on with me. What has been going on with you guys?

Meet Aqua and Marine

My hubby decided that our house wasn’t full enough and went out and bought a pair of parakeets. At least he picked them in the color I like. I was not very happy because I know I am the one that will be feeding the birds and changing the paper in their cage and washing their cage out.

I know the birds look pretty and my kids like them but no one likes to clean up after them.I don’t know why my hunny insists on having pets that end up being my responsibility more than his or the kids. I have never really been a pet person but after taking care of these birds I just might be. So here is aqua and marine

My town in a nice town to retire in

It’s amazing what you learn when you talk to people around town. I found out that a few years ago the town we currently live in was basically a town where people came to retire. I guess the town was Retirement communities all around and it wasn’t til a few years ago when younger people decided to move into the town.

We live in the new housing community and my kids love it. They like the new housing and how nice and clean it looks. I still have to adjust to living more in a country setting than a city setting but it is growing on me. I can see why folks like to retire here since it is quite peaceful and you can see the stars clear at night and the people are nice and sweet most of the time.

I wonder if we will grow old and retire in this town too?

I am excited to go to the kings game, if only this pain would go away

I am hopefully going to go to a L.A Kings hovkey game tonight. I just love hockey. I dont know know how I got into it but I did. I have a little bit of a sore throat but that is not going to stop me from going to the game tonight. It hurts when I swallow my spit. I really hope I dont end up with strep throat or swollen tonsils.

I had to go out of town with the hubby and I am trying to get as much time as I can using the computer and getting some work done. I really hope I am able to meet my deadlines. This cold and rain has also been bothering my back. Thank god for the few painkillers I have. I need to request my refill and I hope when I go back to the docters they can find another solution other than getting epidural shots again. I really hate getting those epidural shots that only help very little. They hurt like hell and dont take the pain away like it should.

I need to

I like buying my husband nice ties and cufflinks to go with his suits

My hunny has started a new job and has had to buy suits and nice shirts to be looking dapper when he goes and meets new business clients. I told him to get fun cufflinks to go with his nice suits.

I think having nice cufflinks is what makes the whole suit stand out.You cannot have a nice suit and not have any cufflinks to go with it.I also think you have to have a nice tie. One of my favorite gifts to give my husband is nice ties and nice cufflinks.

What is your opinion when it comes to cufflinks and ties?

I need a new camera

I am hoping that after income tax comes around I can get one of those nice dslr cameras I have been eyeing for quite awhile. The camera I have right now sucks. I want to take beautiful pictures of my kids before they grow up.

I have missed so many important moments because my stupid camera wants to stop working or freezes at odd moments.I think I am going to spoil myself and buy one or put it in my wishlist for my birthday. What dslr camera do you recommend me?

Out With the Old

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

Grrrr! Why am I mad you ask? Let me explain. I’m sipping my morning coffee while checking emails and Facebook this morning. I had a coupon for 30 percent off at The Gap so decided to click on over to their website and see if I could find something that struck my fancy. After all, it would be foolish to let a coupon go to waste! So, I found a few things that I decided I couldn’t live without, put them in my online shopping cart and proceeded to check out. Sounds like a great morning so far, right? It was until my internet went out! Again! This has been the norm lately and enough was enough. What’s a girl disconnected from the world left to do? Pull out her phone and use the internet from that. After almost going cross-eyed from searching for new internet providers on my 3 inch phone screen, I came across http://www.satelliteinternetbroadband.com/. Yes, please! I’ll take it! Now to get it and get back to my online shopping so I can use my coupon……

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