I am lucky that they dont want expensive jewelry

When it comes to buying gifts for my friends I tend to give them silver jewelry because I like the way it looks on them and on me. I have never really been the type of girl to just like gold or wouldn’t wear anything but gold. I fidn that there is a lot more cuter things made in silver than gold.

My oldest daughter wears nothing but silver and I am glad because it saves me a lot of money since she is constantly shopping. Kids can be pricey when it comes to their shopping habits. I bought her the cutest silver bracelet the other day and all her friends have been asking her where she got it from. I love spoiling my girls with little gifts that put a smile on their face.

Life stays busy for me

This month has been a busy month for us. We kicked off spring break by going to disneyland. I got sick as a dog on the third day and when I got home I needed to go to the hospital. I ended up with strep throat again. My doctor said that if I keep getting strep throat my tonsils would need to be taken out. The kids had a blast and we were so busy getting on rides that I wasnt able to take a lot of pictures.

The one picture I did get was the Indiana Jones ride because it’s a fast ride I could not get on it. I hate the fact that because of an accident that was not my fault my back is messed up for life. We plan on going back to Disneyland but it is going to have to wait because right now all of our money is going on trying to repair our car that keeps breaking down and we have no clue what it could be that keeps making it break down.

In case you dont know what the Indiana jones ride looks like from the outside here it is

Inspiration from the internet

While I can be a creative person there are just days when my mind goes blank and I need a little inspiration. I love going to the internet to find ideas on how I can make my house more beautiful. One of the places I like to visit is the http://www.facebook.com/PersonalCreations page. I like seeing different creations and getting inspired from them. I have taught my kids to be creative too and to like to do arts and crafts.

Ib rainy days there is nothing better than sitting down with my children and doing creative little things we can display all over the house. I am such a proud mom and my childrens artwork and crafts are priceless. I plan to keep their stuff til they are grown and have children and I want to be able to show it to their children. Where do you go when you want inspiration for things?

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