Fun trip although exhaustion has set in

I am exhausted beyond belief. We went on vacation on monday and have finally returned home. I didnt think I would feel as tired as I do. I had lots of fun but going on trips with 6 kids can be quite a feat. I did meet some nice people along the way and I hope I am able to keep in touch with them. Some of the people we met had plastic cards wit their name and information on them and I thought it was super cute. I always thought business cards were just meant for business. These folks just had their information on the cards and told us to not hesistate to give them a call whenever we were in town.

I love going to new places and making friends. Even though the trip was exhausting, I wouldn’t change anything about it. The kids had lots of fun splashing in the pool and going to the different shows around. We got to have grown up time with adults and the kids enjoyed time in another state they hadn’t been in. I will try to post the picture I took of the colorado river when I get a chance.

I hope to learn by example

I love helping my uncle out when he goes shopping at home depot and hardware shops. I love learning new things and spending time with my uncle makes me happy. Yesterday I went to help him find a hydraulic hose and some kind of tools that he needed for his job. I dont know if I have mentioned it here but my uncle is a jack of all trades who can fix houses and build cars and basically can do anything. I have always been so wowed by watching my uncle work.

I wish my hubby could learn all the cool things my uncle can do. I bet if my hubby learned just half of what my uncle knows we wouldn’t spend so much money on house repairs and car repairs. I hate dishing out so much money ficing this house and the car that hubby drives. If hubby doesnt want to learn I hope watching my uncle and going shopping with my uncle will teach me a thing or two.

I am melting here

I have been going crazy with this summer heat. I always get nose bleeds when the tempature changes so drastically. I dont even want to think how high the electric bill will be because I have been running the air conditioner non stop. You would think that after living three years in this town I would be used to this weather but I am not. I would feel so much better if we had a swimming pool.

I am going to look into seeing if we have a ymca or some kind of community center where we can go swimming this summer. I am sure my kids are happy with the little pool I got them but I need a pool where the grownups can get into also. I am going to turn into a popcicle soon if I dont find relief for this heat.

I hope he loves his gifts

Father’s day is almost here and I have no clue what to get the hubby. He has expressed some interest in beer making supplies and I think I am going to indulge him in his newest creative venture. The hubby likes to try out many things and has many hobbies. I on the other hand have a hard time finding out what I want to do. I wish I could pick out activities as easily as my hubby does.

I have ordered the hubby a beer making kit and now I am going to finish off by getting him all his beer making supplies and I am going to wrap them up and wait to see the smile on his face. I love seeing his expression when he gets something he isn’t expecting. He reminds me of my kids on Christmas. As much as my hubby tries to act mature I still see he is just like my kids when it comes to getting presents.

We are going to Vegas this summer

Hubby is planning a Vegas vacation for the whole family. I personally didn’t think that Las Vegas was a place for kids but it seems some hotels accomodate children such as Circus Circus. I have planned a few activities for the kids to enjoy. My husband ordered tickets to a magiv show and some tickets to Circ de soleil. The hubby also planned some secret outing for us or at least that is what he said.

I am hoping that most of our activities are indoors or somewhere where there is a lot of air conditioning because we are going in the middle of summer and I am sure it is going to be hot as heck out there. I think we are also planning on visiting family while we are out there. I cant wait til we go on our vacation.

Am I really being unreasonable ?

My kids haven’t been out for summer vacation for more than a day and they are already arguing over who is going to get to play with the wii black system we have. I wanted the white Wii but my hubby insisted on getting the black one.

I dont like my kids spending soo much time watching television or playing video games. My hubby sees nothing wrong with them playing video games since they are on “summer vacation” he says.
My hubby is a big video game player so of course he isn’t going to see nothing wrong with them playing video games all day if they wanted to. I dont mind them playing for an hour or maybe two but when they start bickering it is time for the t.v to be turned off and the video game system to be put away. I might sound like a bad mom but I dont want my kids addicted to the t.v

Am I being unreasonable for turning off the video game system and t.v if they wont act right and start fighting over the controllers and video games?

What will we be doing ?

This will hopefully be a relaxing weekend for me. This week had been stressful because I was getting some of my kids ready for their school graduations. Now they are on summer break and we are planning on where we want to go visit. Some of my kids want to go to Sea World and the others want to go back to Disneyland. I personally would want to go to Sea World since we have spent so much time at Disneyland.

Since the kids are off for close to two months I think we will be going to both places and maybe doing some camping too. One thing on my list is to go to the beach.I dont do good with hot weather and it is starting to get real hot now. I should check to see if we have any local water parks.

I am so glad this school is way better

My kids just finished school this year and are on their summer break. I went to and ordered their teachers some gift baskets because they have been so good to my kids. I know some of my kids struggle when it comes to learning somethings and they were very patient with my children. My kids have had some teachers in the past who were very impatient with them and were rude.
I dont understand how some teachers can be so impatient with their students when they chose that career. I know it is not their job to deal with bad kids or “babysit them ” as I had one teacher tell me but I do think they should do their job and teach the child. I am so glad we moved out of the county 3 years ago and I don’t have to deal with the teachers or that school district anymore. I have nothing but good things to say about the teachers and the school district we are in now. I am glad that I dont have to make visits to the school and complain about the way the teacher handled situations she created. I am just so thankful for the patience and love and difference that this school has made in my childrens life.

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