I will always encourage my children to strive for the best

I would love to get my son a pdp x7 since his interest has peaked. My kids all want to play an instrument and it makes my heart jump for joy. I would love for my kids to play an instrument well. I used to play the violin when I was in school and I am going to encourage them as much as I can for them to play an instrument as well.

I like to keep my children busy with sports and music and anything I can so that they are never too bored to get into trouble or hang out with the wrong crowd. I would hate for my children to turn to gangs or get into drugs or anything bad. One of my biggest fears is for my kids to get influenced by negative things. I love having them involved in sports and music. I have always thought of the saying idle hands is the devils playground. if my kids want to play an instrument that is what I am going to get for them. Plus I am secretly excited that he chose drums.

Spending time with my family is something I cherish

I look foward to the days when my cousin comes over and we have breakfast together like we did before. I get so sad and melancoly over those happy times I had when I was growing up.I have so many happy memories as well as sad ones but I make sure to remember all the happy times I had rather than those that make me sad and depressed. I dont want my children to ever go through what I did growing up. I want nothing but the best for them.

Seeing my cousin and spending time with her makes my heart melt and I can’t deny that I love the pankcakes she makes. I wish I was as good a cook as she is. I have always looked up to her and admired her kindness and her strength. I know she will make a great mother someday. She has such patience and that is something I lack and try my hardest to have. I cant wait to be filling my mouth with pankcakes soon.

I hate spending a lot of money on towing

I hate having to worry about the little car breaking down and having to pay a tow truck lots of money to tow the darn thing home. I have had the freaking car bust and it cost us 200 dollars just to get it home. I wonder if we could install a curt hitch to the van and be able to tow the little car? Its times like these that I wish we owned a truck tht had a hitch to tow the car.

The freaking little car has been such a pain in my butt and I think it is time to buy another one but we dont have the money right now to buy another one. I really dont want to have car payments and you need at least 6,000 to get a good car I think. I am not sure how much I would need to buy a car all I know is that we need something reliable. Why couldn’t I just win the lotto that way I could buy myself a new car.

Keeping busy

The kids have been going stir crazy in the house. I have to make sure that I have some kind of activity for them to do or at least take them somewhere. I have been going to the park and taking them to the movies just to keep them busy. We went the other night to a dodgers game and although the dodgers lost it was still fun. My oldest kid was not with us she decided to go to a concert instead of going out with us.

So it begins my teenager is too old to do family activities. She rather hang out with her friends than go places with us. I should count myself lucky that she still likes to go to some amusement parks with us. Here is a picture we took in the parking lot of the Dodgers stadium

Why oh why couldn’t I have been rich

I hate being in between paydays. I wish we could get something like a fixed income annuities
that would help us not struggle so much. We are usually fine but sometimes the car breaks down and we have to use money that wasn’t for the car. The car gettign fixed is important because if there is no car how is he going to get to work? i hate having to worry about that damn car breaking down all the time.

I wish I had more income and that way I can buy a car that is reliable and I dont have to keep putting into the auto repair shop. I am pretty sure we have spent over 3,000 dollars on the freaking car throughout the year. Why oh why couldn’t I be rich

I can’t wait for the 4th of July

I can’t wait to have a barbeque. My favorite day is the 4th of July because I get to have a bbq with my family and then watch fireworks. The fireworks remind me of my childhood and going with my family camping. I would love to do the whole camping thing with my own family but I want to wait til my kids are a little bit older before we go camping in the wilderness. I am not sure the little ones would enjoy sleeping in sleeping bags and in a tent right now.

I want to plan a day to go to the water park because this heat is getting to the kids and I am also getting irritated with this super hot weather. I can’t wait til summer is over and I can go back to wearing my jeans.

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