I want my own

I really need to find a job out of the home. I am goig crazy staying at home. I want to become more independent and I really need to just have my own free time. I am tired of being unappreciated at home so I need to find soemthing to do out of my home. I would love going to work and being able to carry some personalized padfolios to look even more professional. I have always dreamed of being successful in a business. I always dreamed big but I married young and started having kids young and I didn’t get a chance to pursue any of my dreams and aspirations.

My kids are getting older and I think I still have plenty of time to go to school and become something. I do not want to be just known as so ans so’s mom I want to be able to be my own person with my own opinions and my own accomplishments.

ugh I hate feeling like this

Why is it that I always need a vacation after every little trip I take. I dont think this “vacations” are any vacation for me.. I am always the one packing the clothes and making sure everything is packed and ready in the car. I am the one who has to go out and buy the food and make sure it is packed in the cooler. I sometimes wonder am I the only parent and if thats the case why do I need a husband or father for the kids if I am always taking care of everything!!

I love being a parent but damn sometimes I need a break! I am tired of holding the family together when the husband works and thinks that taking care of the kids and household is not work!! I take care of the kid and the house and the bills and then I do some online work too. I feel so un appreciated and so neglected sometimes 🙁

I am going to keep on going

I have tried so many times to get a good job. It is kind of difficult to find a good job without experience but how will I get experience if noone will give me a chance? I am sure I am qualified to do any job. I am a hard worker and I always give my all whatever it may be. I have gone through interviews and even gone through background checks with no problem. I am sure some businesses could use employment screening at easy back groundchecks because a few places I applied to were very unorganized and all over the place and those places made me happy that I didn’t get hired there.

I have thought about going back to school after the twins start school and then maybe if I have a degree companies will be more willing to hire me. You would think that because I am bilingual and a hard worker and I have an easy going personality they would want to hire me but that is sadly notthe case. I wont give up though, I am going to find a good job or get a degree!!

Times sure are changing

My kids have started school and i now have a high schooler and a middle schooler on my hands. So far school has been wonderful for them. I hope they keep the same joy that they are feeling going to school right now. My oldest is happy and excited about going to the high school football games. I am so glad she is not shy and wants to enjoy all the fun things high school has to offer.

I hope that she doesnt get distracted by boys and continues to do good in school. I would love for my daughter to be able to go to college. I also hope my middle schooler adjusts well to the big changes that come from leaving elementary school and going to six different periods and having different teachers. I cannot believe how quick time has been going by. In two years the twins will be in school and I will be able to go to school myself.

If I had all the money in the world

Living in a rural town lets you see a lot of things you wouldn’t normally see. I have seen a lot of steel buildings and I wonder did these farmers get steel buildings specials or something because they all look the same. I guess if I had acres upon acres of land I might buy one for myself and store our cars in there or clear out some of the stuff in the garage and store it in the steel building.

I sometimes daydream about what I would buy or have if I had an unending amount of money. I dotn think I would be the person to live in a mansion but I would want to buy my kids things they haven’t been able to have and I would spoil my whole family thhats for sure.

I want it but it really isnt a need just a want

I have been wanting to get myself a diamond candle for who knows how long.Everytime that I think about buying one something else comes up. I would love to spoil myself but my childrens needs come first and getting them registered in school and paying for their school gym clothes and their asb card and lock and school supplies come before spoiling myself. No matter what my kids will always come first.

I am going to try and save for a diamond candle after all the school expenses are done for the kids.I still have to buy them a couple of outfits for school and I haven’t done that yet. I am hoping that by christmas I will be able to get the diamond candle vanilla cream one that I want.

The best thing we can do is support them

My nephew has really gotten into the whole D’Jaying and hosting partiees scene.I am glad that he has found something that he really likes to do. I was worried for a bit about what he was going to do now that he is out of high school and waiting to start college. When I went to visit my sister in law the other day my nephew sat down and started telling me about the musicians friend serato I told my sweet nephew that I donyt know much about music tools but I would check into it. I really hope my sis in law can get it for him though since he seemed so enthusiastic about it.

We come from a musically inclined family and anything in the entertainment business that the kids want to do we will help them out as much as we can. I am all about supportings my kids and my nieces and nephews hopes and dreams. When we were younger I remember having the same hopes and dreams and the best thing I can do for them is support them all the way.

My hubby likes to be prepared

My hubby came home from work yesterday and told me that he had just past a ba accident on the freeway and that a person had not made it. he told me that moments like those remind him how important it is to have life insurance. I dont like to think about things like that but I do understand why it is important to have life insurance especially when we have so many kids to take care of. As hubby sat down and looked at online life insurance I started thinking about what would I do if something happened to him and it was just too much for me to think about and I started crying.

My hubby told me that although the idea of something happening to him is awful to think about I need to be prepared and he wants us to be okay so that is why he is planning ahead. I can see his point because really how would I pay the house or the cars or anything since he is the bread winner of the house. I am glad my hubby can be smart enough to think ahead when I cant even manage the thought of anything happening to any of us.

Cold go away and leave my kiddies alone

Oh my goodness my kids have caught a summer cold and are quite miserable right now. I am hoping that the stuffy nose and cough go away quickly without having any fevers or vomiting or anything else. I hate seeing my kids sick and whiny. I have been feeding them chicken soup and have been making sure that they get some rest to kick this colds butt.

We had plans to go to San Diego this weekend but if they are not feeling any better we will not be traveling this weekend. I am also hoping that I do not get sick because this month will be a busy month for me since the kids will be going back to school. I need to get them some school clothes and shoes before they go back.

I wish I could own an apple ipod touch

I have been wanting a apple ipod touch for a few years now but with the costs I am having getting my kids ready for school I think I am going to be waiting years before I can afford to buy one. I always have to think what is more important a want or a need. I keep wishing that I could somehow win or be given a apple ipod touch but really when does that happen?

My children will always come first and their needs are my number one priority. I of course would love to spoil myself and get an apple ipod touch to listen to music while I clean and work out but I am going to have to settle to listening tunes on the radio for a while. If only I was a lucky person and could enter a contest to win one.

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