I hope the ideas in my head come out good when I start redecorating

I have been thinking about changing the theme that I have going on in my den. Right now the den is more of a guys room. Since the hubby doesn’t use the den I am going to make it more of any area for everyone to hang out in. I would like to make it some sort of zen room where I can go and meditate.

I have bought clear vases so I can put some faux moss and some twigs in. I would like to buy some cherry blossom portraits in the room also. I keep debating on buying some bamboo type dividers for the room too. I hope that the ideas in my head will look great when I start redecorating the den.

A little better which is good

I am startign to feel better which is good. The only thing that is left is this yucky cough. I can’t seem to get rid of this cough. I have been needing to use my asthma inhaler a little more than I usually do. I hope I am able to get rid of this cough without having to take steriods. I hate taking those steriod pills.

I have a few more days to go before I take my kids to go trick or treating so I am really hoping to be completely healthy and have fun taking my children out. My kids look foward to halloween and I enjoy seeing the smile on their faces when they get candy.

Darn yucky bugs

If you have been wondering why I have been quiet lately its because I have been sick. My kids got sick with the flu and after taking care of them guess who got sick.. yup me. I usually am able to get back to my daily routine quickly but this flu bug kicked my butt. My body has been so achey and the worse part of it has been the stuffiness and phlem that I have been dealing with.

I hate when I get sick and my taste buds disappear. Every food I eat taste horrible and the over all tiredness is what is getting to me. I am hoping that this flu doesn’t turn into pneumonia or something that will last more than the week it has lasted. I am gonna give this yucky bug a few more days and if I dont feel better I will make a doctor appointment. I am regretting not getting my flu shot this year.

With gas prices this high a motorcycle might be a good idea

With these gas prices going up and up I think my hubby is right about getting a motorcycle. I have always like motorcycles and I even like the Michelin commander 2tires that you can buy for some of the motorcyles. My hibby on the other hand doesnt know nothing about motorcycles other than they are better on gas than the car is right now.

I keep telling him that he would have to learn the dmv motorcycle handbook and get his license to drive a motorcycle first but he wants to go look at motorcyles first. I dont know why this guy likes to do things backwards. I know one thing though I will be the one who picks out the tires and whatever accessories are need if he ever does get a motorcycle.

Not a good day

Darn this weather. My back has been hurting more than usual because we have been having freaky weather. One day it is hot and another day it is cold and rainy. I think I might need to go in and get more steroid shots or epidural shots to take some of the pain away. I get soo tired dealing with pain everyday day of my life.

It bothers me so much when my kids want to get on fast amusement rides and I cannot get on them with them. I have to make sure their dad or my sister in law gets on the rides with them. I feel robbed of my opportunity to enjoy some of my kids memories. On days like this I curse the stupid person who was talking on her cellphone and not paying attention and hit me with her car.

Anything is possible

I have always loved music and I have always wanted to play an instrument. When I was little I wanted to play the saxophone but my mom thought it would be better for me to learn how to play the violin so I took violin lessons.I got bored with my violin lessons and I just gave up on music all together.

My children are now showing interest in music and I have been letting them pick whatever instrument they would like to play. Even if my kid wanted a keilwerth at wwbw to look at and play I would let him or her learn that instrument. I alwasy felt like I gave up on music because I was not interested in playing the violin.

My youngest daughter wants to sing and has been entering talent shows and since herr brothers see her they want to play an instrument more and make a band they say. I always tell them they can do it. The jackson five did in and even the singer Selena did it so anything is possible.

I wonder why I panic ?

I have school conferences coming up. Am I the only one who gets nervous going to their kids school conferences? For some reason I feel like I am being put on the stand and being inspected or watch to see what gestures I make or how I speak. I know it must be my paranoia and anxiety getting the best of me. I used to be so outgoing and normally I am but for some reason I do not like to go to school conferences and it just be me and the teacher.

I wonder if it must be some childhood memory that I am not quite remembering or what but I am curious as to why I feel a sense of panic. I think I am going to see if my husband has the day off and goes to the conferences or if not maybe my sister in law might be free that day to join me.

Why oh why do they always come to us?

Don’t you ever wish you could buy some land far away from where you live? I sometimes wish I could live far aways from the family who only brings problems into my household. I moved to a different city far away from where we lived and they followed. I wonder if I looked at holden beach real estate at SeaCoastRealty.com and bought a property there would they follow us again? I dont know what it is about us that they cant stay away?

They do have other family members but they depend on my husband too much and alwasy look for my husband and they expect him to do everything for them. They hate it when he says no. I am so not used to having to deal with folks like them. I married my hubby and not the whole freaking family!!! Okay I am doen with my venting .. I feel better now.

I love those kind of days….

I really enjoy those days when the kids go to bed early and I am able to sit down and relax and enjoy a movie or a show on tv. Today the kids were on their best behaviour and we didnt have to argue about brushing our teeth or about poking one another on the face or touching the other persons personal property. Believe it or not those are the constant and daily battles I have to deal with.

It is very rare but there are days when I get the peace and quiet and the kids are almost angels and help out one another and it puts a smile on my face to see them all get along and have a great day. If only those good days would happen more often.

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