What would you get your uncle

I have been debating wether to get my uncles some tools for christmas. My family thinks its silly that I want to get him some tools but I know that is what he likes. My uncle spends tons of time in the garage building stuff and putting stuff together. I figure getting him tools such as diamond blades to build his items will make him happy

My family thinks I should get him clothes. I am just trying to be practical and get him something that I know he will like and use. I have gotten him clothes before and either he doesn’t use it or he gives it away. I just want to get him something that I know he will like. What would you get your uncle clothes or tools ?

Which dslr camera should I choose

I feel like I am not quite prepared for christmas. I have most of my kids gifts but I feel like I am still missing some. I still need to get the hubby his gift and I still need to get my sis in lawe her gift. My nephew still wont tell me what he likes so I am left to my own devices. I still have not decided what I would like this christmas. I am so used to not getting a gift that even though he told me to make a list of things I would like I can’t think of anything that I really want.

I would like a dslr camera but I dont know which one is a good one to get. I keep debating wether I want a nikon or a canon. I also dont know what would be the best model to get. I love taking pictures and I feel if I have a nice camera I could take nice pictures. I think I am going to look online and read reviews and see what camera would be the best for me.

I want all the beds just as comfy

With my back hurting this bad there is one thing I am very happy I have and that is my foam mattress. I am glad I did some foam mattress buys and got a few foam mattress for the house. I do not know how I was able to sleep before I had those foam mattresses. I would toss and turn and wake up with more pain that what I went to sleep with.

My kids love my bed because it is so comfy. I had to buy a few memory foam mattress toppers for their beds because they wouldn’t stay off mine. I am thinking about putting a memory foam bed in my guest room. My hubby says you dont make guest rooms too comfy or guests will never want to leave lol. I cant help but want all the beds in the house just as comfy as mine.

Maybe I just need to get far away or at least treat myself to a massage

Does it sound mean to say that I moved into a little town to get as far away from folks as I could. We moved away because I was tired of the intrusions and the drama and the drama followed us. I sometimes think I would like to look at wilmington nc real estate listings to see if I find something I would like to move farther away this time. I thought we had put enough distance by moving an hour and half away but obviously that wasnt enough.

I hate having such hard feelings but I feel physically drained and tired by all the negativity. I fell like I need to go and get a massage to release some of the stress I feel. Maybe I might just book myself an appointment and treat myself to a full body massage. I bet i would feel much better and have a clearer state ofmind after that.

I keep going back and fourth on this

I dont like cold rainy weather because my body hurts and aches more than usual. I always tell everyone that its going to rain because I can feel it days before but noone believes me. Everyone looks at me like I am crazy but when it starts raining days later they are like wow do you keep in touch with the weather channel.

I keep debating wether to have back surgery or not. My doctor thinks that eventually I am going to need to have it done. I am scared to get it done because everyone that I talk to who has had back surgery is still in pain and they dont feel any better. I realize eventually I am going to have to make that decision but meanwhile I am going to have to rely on my pain killers and some warm blankets.


I keep debating wether or not to have Christmas eve dinner with just my immediate family. I knowmy husband wants toinvite his family but I really cannot stand the arguments and yelling that these folks do everytime they get together. I am not trying to be mean but I just want a peaceful and quiet ( well as quiet as it can be with 3 year old twins) night. I swear I am not trying to come between my hubbys family but I really think if these folks can’t respect my home they have no business being in it.

I would never go to their house and start fights with people so why does it make it okay forthem to come to my house and start arguments? There is a reason everyone stays away. I am tiredof all the wonkyness that goes on. I think a lot of my stress and anxiety comes from the family drama that is constantly going on. CAN’T THEY ALL JUST GET ALONG???

The Nerve of these people.

It is nothing but drama with my husbands family. I have asked them to stay away from myhouse if all they are going to do is yell and bring drama into my house. It is getting to the point where these ghetto people want to argue and get into physical fights with other people while they are in my house. I am not used to this kind of behavior especially coming from adults.

I do not care if they are my husbands family or not. I will not let my children witness such retched behavior. If these folks want to act stupid they can do it somewhere else other than my home. I do not care if my husband gets mad at me for not wanting them inn my house but this kind of behavior is unacceptable!!

I am trying to be more girly girly

I am such a girly girl sometimes. I have been experimenting with makeup and doing my nails and finding the right perfume smell for me. I have been interested in checking out the sung perfume and see how it would smell on me. I am a vanilla type of smell but I have been experimenting with different smelling perfumes.

I have also been trying to learn how to do my makeup. I am not that good at it but I am sure it takes lots of practice. I wish I would have learned the basics from my mother. If I can ever afford it I would love for my daughters to be able to go to beauty school so they can learn how to put their makeup on properly. I do not want them looking awful when they are trying to do their makeup.

I hate living with this constant pain

I hate feeling soo much back pain and not being able to get the relief I so much want. Everytime the weather changes so does the pain in my back. I have to make sure I am wearing something warm to keep my back from hurting so much. I hate that I have to depend on pain killers to be able to get through the day. I hate not being able to get on fun rides at the amusement park.

I often ask myself why did I happen to be crossing the street when the lady was on her cellphone and not paying attention. I have tried steriod shots ansd I have done epidural shits on my back and both those shots did not work. I hope they can find me a good solution soon.

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