I will keep encouraging my daughter to sing

My little girl has been practicing her singing for quite a while. We keep debating wether or not to invest in some Vox Amps and have a few of her cousins make a band. Nani has a great singing voice and we want to encourage her as much as we can. I think she should sing solo but my hubby thinks a band is a great idea.

I think that a band might drown her voice out. I have been thinking aobut paying for singing lessons to get her voice up to par. I have always told my daughter that some of these singers out there cannot sing acapella and that is a very important thing to do. I am surprised by how many artists use backup vocals or these use a back up tape and lipsync.

I personally believe that if you really want something you work hard for it. I dont care how much it will take if my lil girl wants to become a singer and think she has the potential to make it, I will be encouraging her all the way.

Thank you Infuenster for my Holiday VoxBox ’12

influenster2 (800x600)

I love being part of the Influenster program. If you don’t know about Influenster, I suggest you check out there about me page and find out more about them http://www.influenster.com/about. If you are part of the Influenster program you get to try out products for free and give your friends and family and anyone you know your honest opinion about these products. The more you participate in the program the more likely you are to be chosen to try out more products.

I was chosen to try out the Influenster Holiday VoxBox for 2012. In this Holiday VoxBox I got to try out Quaker’s Real Medleys Oatmeal in PEACH ALMOND OATMEAL,Goody QuikStyle Brush in the Half Round Styler,Kiss Nail Dress nail stickers,NYC Liquid Lipshine in the color Nude York City, an EBOOST Natural Energy in pink lemonade flavor and a Montagne Jeunesse fruit smoothie deep pore cleansing masque in crushed rasberry. I also got a coupon code for $25 off their first pair of shoes with Sole Society

The first thing I tried out was the Quaker’s Real Medley’s oatmeal in peach almond flavor. I normally eat my oatmeal with a fruit on the side. With this Quaker’s real medley oatmeal I put some milk in the cup and microwaved it and went about my daily schedule. I loved the taste of the Quakers real medley. I loved the taste of the peaches and almonds in it and the multigrain oats in this cup made me want to go out and try out all the other different flavors that quaker makes.

The goody Quikstyle brush helped control the flyaways and take out the tangles in my hair that I always deal with. I also noticed that it cut my hair drying time by 10 minutes which to me is a big deal when I am running late on my dr appointments or errands I need to run. I appreciate any shortcuts I can get on my daily schedule and this brush cuts my getting ready time which is a big plus for me!!

The Kiss Nail Dress Stickers nail stickers are very easy to put on. I am not big on doing my own nails but these stickers were so easy to put on that my teenager took it upon herself to use these for herself. These nail stickers lasted almost two weeks on my daughters nails and as rough as she is with her hands I consider these nail stickers a must have for anyone who wants their nails looking pretty and needs their nail decoration to last.

The Montagne Jeunesse fruit smoothie deep pore cleansing masque in crushed rasberry left my face feeling clean and smooth. I have recently been dealing with breakouts and feel that my face isn’t as clean and smooth feeling and after using this masque my face felt really refreshed. I can totally see myself buying this masque to keeo my face feeling smooth.

The NYC Liquid Lipshine in the color Nude York City left my lips feeling smooth. I like lip glosses that dont leave my lips feel sticky and this one is one I liked. I wish I would have had a lil darker color though because you couldn’t tell I had any lip gloss on. It did leave my lips smooth so I would buy this gloss just in a different color.

The last thing I tried was the EBOOST Natural Energy powder in pink lemonade flavor. I am always feeling tired and run down so this little baby right here was my best friend. I wish I had more than one package ot use. I didn’t think these energy powders worked but they sure do. I was able to do my laundry and clean up the house and still have enough energy to go out and do some food shopping without wanting to take a nap afterwards.

I didn’t have a chance to order any shoes through Sole Society but I will post the code if any one of you friends would like to order a pair of shoes and get 25 dollars off your first pair.

I am glad that I am a part of Influenster because I would have never even thought of buying all these cool products if it wasnt for Influenster sending me these products to try out. I have let all my friends know how great these products are and I even went out the very next day to get some more Quaker’s Real Medley’s oatmeal. My teenager also has me buying her some more of the Kiss Nail dress nail stickers. Thank You Influenster for the opportunity to try some awesome products.

I would love to travel to the east coast

Did I ever tell you guys that I once thought about moving to Fayetteville, NC? Many years ago I thought about looking at homes for rent fayetteville nc was the plave because the guy I was dating at the time lived there and he wanted us to move up there. I had really thought about it and even saved money to move but at the last minute didn’t.

I sometimes wonder if I had rented a home out there what would my life be like. Would I have liked living in the east coast? My hubby tells me that I would like living in the east coast and sometimes I wonder if it true. All I have known is the west coast. I would like to visit the east coast and see if I like it. I bet my kids will love traveling and seeing another state.Hopefully we can save enough money to be able to travel and stay a week and visit some of my east coast friends.

What should I do

I am debating wether to go for the weekend out of town with the kids or if we should stay home and just have family time at home. This cold weather makes my back hurt more than usual and I can’t enjoy all the outdoor activities my kids want to do. I hate having to take pain pills just to get through the day when we do fun activities. I try to be a good sport but some days I just dont feel it.

My sis in law invited us to go spend the weekend at her house and to go out but I just dont know if I am in the mood to do that, I miss my bed when I am not at home. My back is sensitive and I am not comfortable sleeping on a couch or making a bed on the floor using a sleeping bag. I wish I had some kind of portable bed that I can take that was as comfortable as bed at home is.

Save money through lower premiums

#1 Save money through lower premiums

Many Australian’s are very busy with their careers and lives in general to consider worrying about how to save money on their insurance. In fact many people do not even think this is possible. A perfect example is accepting the cover listed on our personal insurance policy without ever asking any questions, just presuming that is the price you should pay and believing there is no way it could be possible to get a better deal.

The first and most obvious question we should always ask is, “Do I need all the cover is listed on this policy?” It may be that you do need every item insured but in many cases that will not be true. But unless you do something about it you clearly are paying for something you don’t need. All it takes is some prudent trimming which will result in the cost of your premium being reduced. This means a saving to you, more money in your pocket and a chance to use that money to further increase your wealth.

So what is your plan of attack? Well first you begin by listing all the items for which you ado insure as stated on your policy. Then against each item you write either YES or NO, this being the answer to the question, “Do I really need cover for this particular area?” You could, if uncertain, write MAYBE and then review that particular item in more detail at a later time. But for every item against which you have written NO, you contact the insurance company and advise them that you wish to remove certain parts of the policy. The insurer will want your business and will almost certainly agree to your request. They have a lower liability and so will accordingly lower their fee; in short you will pay less.

This is a simple way of making money remembering that your bottom line is determined by the net combination of your income and expenses. If you can increase your income, naturally you should have more disposable income. However, you can still increase your disposable income without an increase in your pay packet simply by reducing your expenses and by removing some of the items in your personal insurance cover policy you will reduce your costs. Fewer expenses equal a better bottom line.

It may be that you are uncertain about one or more of the items on your policy. Asking for advice from your insurer comes with a warning. It’s a bit like going to a car retailer and asking them about buying a new car. They will naturally try and sell you one of the vehicles in their showroom. So finding independent advice could be the way to go. Choosi helps people compare Life policies through comparing various companies across a range of products

I am freezing

This cold is kicking my butt. I have been wrapping myself up in a whole bunch of blankets and I still feel cold. I wish I could buy myself a mink coat and feel cute and warm at the same time. I wish I could be rich enough to afford to buy myself a nice mink coat.

I would even be happy wearing one of those faux fur coats if it kept me warm from this cold cold weather we have been having lately. I think the temp around here has been around 20 degrees which is unheard of around here. I woke up the other moring to have all kinds of frost on my windows.

They grow quicker than weeds

I need to really start clearing out the kids closets again. My kids outgrow their clothes so quick that every so many months I will have bags full of clothes ready to donate. I wish I could have the patience to do a garage sale or yard sale but I really dont. If my hubby helped me set it up I bet we could make some pretty good money since some of the clothes my kids leave behind had only been worn once or twice.

The twins are especially growing out of their clothes more quicker than the other boys. I am going to start buying their clothes two sizes bigger if they keep outgrowing their clothes so quick.

I need to be healthier

Hanging out in the cold has taken it’s toll on me. I caught a cold. I hate getting sick. I must really have the lowest immune system anyone can have. I swear I need to buy my own fingertip pulse oximeter to measure my own oxygen and blood pulse. My asthma gets really bad when I catch colds.

I am sure glad I have health insurance and I can get seen but I really hate having to take prednisone or and other antibiotics that are supposed to make me feel better but dont. I just need to eat better and healthier foods so I can get a better immune system. I really hope eating better will make me be a lot healthier.

Happy birthday to my first born son

My first born son has turned 9 and it only seems like yesterday I gave birth to him. I cannot believe how quickly time flew by. I remember finding out I was pregnant and right away knowing that it was a boy. Even before I went for my 4 month ultrasound I knew he was a boy. No one would believe me when I said that I had a dream that he was going to be a boy.

I didn’t even have to spend a lot of time thinking of a boy name for him either. I knew what I was going to name him from the time I found out I was pregnant. I want to wish my first born son Happy Birthday and wish him many more happy birthdays my precious son.

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