It would be nice to see

I have this fascination with wanting to live in the East Coast. I got it in my head that having all four seasons seems like fun. I also think that we could own a way bigger place than we do now. My kids could have acres to run around in and I could have plenty of space to have a patio set and a garden.

I know my hubby would want one of those hunting dogs that he could train with a sportdog field trainer 400 and he could go out hinting with his buddies since he has lived in the East Coast and went hunting with his buddies. I personally have never ever been to the East Coast. From the stories my hubby tells me it sounds like I would love to live out in Virginia or Pennsylvania.

I hope to someday visit or live out there and I would love to see how well my hubby hunts since that is all he talks about when he tells me his stories. I would love to see all four seasons though. That is what interests me more.

It broke my heart

One of my biggest fears as a parent is one of my children getting hurt. I try to keep them safe by getting them helmets and pads before they ride their bike or scooter but even all those safety precautions couldn’t be enough to stop my daughter from getting hurt. My 11 year old fell off the scooter and broke her wrist. I think I cried more than she did on the way to the emergency room.

I knew before the doctor even took x rays that she had broken something because her wrist area just didn’t look right. After seeign the x rays it was confirmed that she broke the bone around her wrist area and in a cast it went. I wanted to get rid of all the bicycles and scooters but the hubby says accidents like these are bound to happen. I cannot stop them from ever trying anything because I am scared that they are going to get hurt. I understand where he is coming from but I just cant help but want to shield my children from everything.

Take a look at the x ray and tell me if it doenst look awful and break your heart.


I would love to go …

I get so bored living in this little town sometimes. I lived in the city and now I live in this small town but sometimes I wish I lived on the coast. I have looked at Oak Island real estate and said to myself that it looks like it would be nice to live there or at least visit there sometimes. My hubby doesnt think I would like it but I dont think he knows what he is talking about.

I always feel calm overlooking the ocean, the beach, or a lake. I find water to be peaceful and calming. You would think I would feel peaceful and calm in this little town but sometimes I dont. I have tried to get adjusted to this town but with my friends living so far away I feel like there isnt much to do here and I get frustrated or depressed here sometimes.

Hopefully I can visit the east coast and get to relax and feel the calmness and peacefulness I need

Thank goodness I am starting to feel better

I have finally started to feel better. I got so sick after taking care of my family. They all had the flu and then I got the flu but instead of getting better like they all did I got worse and worse. I ended up with pneaumonia and a really bad ear infection which left me not being able to hear out of one ear. It is crazy how dizzy I felt and out of breath and I had fever and just thought I was dying.

I would get so out of breath just walking to the bathroom and back. I should have gotten my flu shot but I didnt this year and thats the price I had to pay. I am so glad that I am feeling better though. I have hardly stepped out the house since I have been sick.I was getting so fed up taking the antibiotics and not feeling better right away.

Geez I do not wish even my enemy to feel as sick as I got. Thank goodness I am starting to feel better.

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