I will support them if thats what they want to do

My kids have been singing and dancing for quite a while but lately their interest has grown on leaqrning how to play and instrument. I played the violin when I was little so I want to encourage them if they want to play an instrument too. My son has told me that he has seen djembe drums for sale and that he would like to learn to play the drums. All I can think about is the loud noise that will be going on if he does learn how to play the drums. My hubby says that we can get the garage insulated and soundproofed if he is really going to be serious about playing.

I told him that he should have a talk with his son and make sure that is something he is going to dedicate himself to. My daughter has been practicing her singing everytime she can so I can see that she is dedicated to it. She is also in choir and seems to enjoy it a lot. If my son wants to dedicate his time then I dont mind buying him his music instruments and having the garage soundproofed. Plus the benefit to that is that I can finally have hubby help me get rid of the storage bins in there.

where do we take them ?

Oh my goodness time has been flying by. My kids birthday is coming up soon and I haven’t even started planning his birthday party. I know he wants a jumpy so I have to call and order that. We have our anniversary coming the day after my sons birthday and then its hubby’s birthday and then my birthday. The month of April is a very busy month for us. The kids are going to be off for spring break after friday so I have to make sure I have stuff planned for them.

I am thinking about taking them to Sea World. That will be a fun trip for them. They wanted to go to Disneyland but the prices have gone up and I am not sure if we can afford to buy tickets for everyone again. I think I will check and see if they have any other amusement parks that the kids will find just as entertaining as Disneyland. I know the older kids would like to go to magic mountain but magic mountain is not a place for little kids. Maybe we can take the older ones to magic mountain and then find someplace else to take the little ones.

I try and make sure everything is okay

I have been impatiently waiting for the next two days to come quick so I can go see my movies. I have to take the car in to the shop today because there is something leaking underneath and I don’t know what it is. I think they are going to have to put the car up on car lifts and take a look under it. I hope whatever is wrong with it they can fix rigth away because I have already set up plans for the whole family to go to the drive in.

It seems without fail that when we make big plans something goes wrong and we need to reschedule our plans. I worry when we are making plans to go far. I always try and make sure that the car is running good and that the oil has been changed and the maintanance done because I do not want the car breaking down on us when we are far away from home. I know I am being paranoid but I just cant help being such a worrywart.

I want to teach them well

Oh boy I just realized that my kids are going to be off for spring Break. The house goes chaotic everytime the kids are off of school. I better find somewhere to go or activites to do if I want to be able to survive with the kids off of school. It is amazing how much the grocery bill goes up when the kids are off of school. If I dont have places to take them or keep them busy with activities these kids will want to just eat and eat all day.

I have started to buy veggies for snacks and some ranch dressing for them to dip their veggies in. As much as they love having chips and cookies and jun food I do not want to have them in the house because I know that is all they are going to be wanting to eat. I need them to learn to eat healthy I do not want them to get used to bad eating habits. It all starts at home and I want to make sure I teach them the right steps.

I guess I am going to have to do it

Spring Cleaning is not going as well as I would like it to be going. I do not know how these kids outgrow their clothes so quick. I swear some of the clothes they have outgrown I just bought about a month or two ago. I keep getting rid of clothes and stuff and somehow this house is still full of crap. I wish I could just get rid of everything and start all over again. So far I have put all of the stuff that we dont use everyday in storage bins and made room in the garage for the bins.

I rather have the garage stuffed with bins than the house stuffed with stuff. Even though this house is pretty big, it is not big enough to keep stuff the kids dont use or doesnt fit them anymore I keep telling the hubby that we should have a garage sale or give away the stuff we dont use or need or doesnt fit anymore. I dont think he listens to what I have to say though. I guess I am going to have to be the one to do it.

Can’t wait for those movies

I am looking foward to next week when the movie The Host comes out and also Tyler Perry’s temptation. I love going to the movies and watching movies that have caught my attention just by the previews. Sometimes I get disappointed because the only good things about the movie are the preview parts they show. I really dont like it when they do that. I guess thats the marketing ploy the movie industry uses to get people’s attention.

I really hope I am not disappointed when it comes time to watch the movies. I am thinking of going with the whole family to watch the host at the drive in. I am so glad they have at least one drive in near us. Growing up we used to go to the drive in at least twice a month. Going to the drive in was one of my favorite memories growing up and I hope it becomes part of my kids favorite memories too.

Hot days like these

I wish I could go swimming. This weather is so crazy and it has been super hot. It’s times like this that I wish we owned a pool. I would like one where I could use one of those rheem pool heaters to keep the water warm. I would love to go swimming at night looking at the stars and feeling the cold air but being warm inside the pool.

Maybe we can save up for a pool. Although I am sure it would take many, many years before we could afford a nice pool. I think we would have a better chance of selling this house and buying one with a pool than saving for it. Ah a girl can dream can’t she. I especially daydream when days are hot like this.

Ugh mother nature make up your mind.

This weather is soo weird. It had been raining the past few days and now we have super hot weather. It was so hot today that I had to turn the swamp cooler on just to cool the downstairs living room. I went and laid down on the couch enjoyed the cold air that was coming through. I wonder if this wacky weather is the reason why I have been having these migraines? It had been months that I had gone without headaches or migraines and just like that they came back.

I hope mother nature gets it right and decides what weather it wants to have. We had an earthquake this morning actually it was two earthquakes back to back. I bet the different weather we have been having has a lot to do with it. I am so not looking forward to the summer if it is going to be hotter than the weather we have been having lately.

Had a great time

Its funny how just hanging out with my sis in law for a day brightened up my mood. We just sat at her house and watched movies and talked and laughed for the silliest of things. The guys spent time discussing plaques for awards for their sports teams and about the coaching they have done through the years. The guys thought that we were being silly because we couldn’t stop laughing but we thought they were silly cause they played video games like little kids.

My sis in law got her hubby an old super Nintendo system and the guys spent hours playing games on that darn thing. We were just glad they were out of our hair for the time being. I wonder if the hubs is going to want an old Nintendo system now that his brother has one. I would much rather own a playstation 3 or 4 but that’s just me.

I will make the best of it

We were supposed to leave yesterday but it was pouring so we decided to leave today. It is a little chilly and my back has been bothering me but I will make the best out of this little getaway. I will only be gone for a day but it is better than anything. I just want to be able to feel like I can breathe. It is such a shame that I don’t feel comfortable in my own house right now.

I am so tired of expressing my feelings and feeling like it doesn’t matter what I say because my opinion doesn’t count. I would never think of treating others mean or disrespectful so I wonder what makes them think they have that right? I believe in karma and I am sure that those who have hurt me will get theirs in the end. I would never wish bad on anyone but some people really push my buttons!!

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