Herbal City LLC’s Healthy Alternative To Socially Unacceptable Tobacco

Guest post by Anna J

If you’re tired of getting dirty looks from non-smokers when all you want to do is relax with a cigarette, Herbal City LLC has the answer. Starbuzz E-Cigs have seven different selections, and none of the bad publicity traditional cigs have. When you go tobacco-free with E-Cigs you won’t be smoking glue and paper, plus there is no fire and ash to deal with. You can enjoy the taste of Starbuzz E-Cigs anywhere, and they fit in the palm of your hand.

Shaped just like a cigarette, E-cigs produce a flavored smoke-like vapor that satisfies the urge without turning your lungs black or upsetting any non-smokers you may be standing or sitting next to. E-Cigs are good for 500 puffs, and you can bet you won’t get that many out of one standard smoke. Starbuzz E-Cigs do contain a small amount of nicotine, but a mere12 mg spaced out over 500 puffs hardly even registers. For some, there is a ritual involved with cigarettes that includes watching the tip glow red while they sit and enjoy the moment. Relax, the LED indicator light at the tip of E-Cigs glows red when activated so the ritual is safe.

The only problem with Starbuzz E-Cigs will be deciding which yummy flavor to try first. Of the seven choices sold exclusively by Herbal City LLC, “Exotic Simply Tobacco” is available for you timid souls and for those that don’t mind a little experimenting, there are 6 more to try. Simply Mint, Pirate’s Cave, Blue Mist, Green Savior, Irish Peach, and Apple Doppio. Be brave and order some of each to find your favorite. You can’t beat the price and as long as your 18 years of age, order up and enjoy! Buy extra for your smoking friends, and offer them a healthier choice.

This past weekend was awful!!!!

This past weekend was not a great weekend for us. Our new car got hit as we are driving through the parking lot while going to target. The elderly man says he did not hear the horn and when he had turned to look before backing out he did not see any cars. we clearly honked and kept on honking and he kept on going. He then tells us that he is very forgetful and has been forgetting things. I am sorry but when you are past a certain age maybe you shouldn’t be driving if you are no coherent enough to know what is going around you.

We are having the insurance company take care of everything. To say I am bummed out is not saying much at all. To make matters worse I go to the store in the van and come out to see a huge dent on it and no note or nothing and now the srs airbag sensor is going off cause it is malfunctioned or malfunctioned after someone dented the car. I really hope the rest of the week is way better.

I dont hold my breath for it

I have always wanted a mothers rings. I want it engraved with all my kids name on it. I know that it would need to be big to fit all of them but I know it can be done. I have asked for this ring time and time again. I wonder if the hubby chooses to ignore me or if he will one day surprise me. I used to think that he would listen to what I would like but I have come to the realization that either he doesn’t pay attention or he just gets what he wants to get me instead of what I have been hinting around for.

Sometimes I have to literally take a picture of what I want and send it to his phone and tell him where they sell it at and then he will go get it. I hate being disappointed if he doesn’t get me something so I just don’t hold my hopes up. I am truly surprised when he actually gets me something I am not expecting.

Ugh mother nature needs to make up her mind

Mother nature needs to make up her mind. I have had a horrendous day full of pain. My allergies are acting up and I just want this ugly weather to go away. My back feels the cold rainy days before they even show up. I hate having to depend on pain killers bit if I don’t take them I wouldn’t even be able to get out of bed. Days like this make me so sad because I cant be outside with my kids playing around with them.

I wish I could go back in time and not go out that day that the stupid lady didn’t pay while driving because she was on her cellphone. I know it doesn’t do me any good to dwell on the past but it just bothers me so much that I have to deal with all this pain and I don’t get to enjoy time with my kids. I always have to be on the sidelines instead of being able to run around and play rough with them. I do feel much better after this rant.

I wish he would think about it first

My husband keeps saying that he would love to start his own business. I keep telling him that there is a lot of work involved when you start your own business. He makes it seem like all you have to do is order some wholesale brochures and then pass them out and that’s that. I know you have to have insurance for the building and you have to have some kind of coverage for the employee’s and all kinds of other stuff.

It’s not that I don’t want to support him in all his dreams. I just want him to know that there is a lot of work involved when you start your business. He has to know that it will be hard and there is going to be a lot of stress. I will back him up in whatever he decides but I want him to know that there is a lot of steps he needs to take before he decides to start his own business.

I wish I could join them

knotts berry farm

My kids sure had a good time at Knott’s Berry farm. I can’t get on the rides although I wish I could. I am happy seeing the smile on their faces though. I wish I was a brave as my kids are. When I was their age I used to be scared to get on the super fast rides. They don’t care how fast the ride goes. They love being on the rides and seeing all the shows. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the trip tired me out. The weather was cold and when it is cold like that my back acts up.

I wish I didn’t have to deal with my bad back so much. I hate having to baby my back. If the accident would have never happened, I would be able to join my family in all the fun rides. I have to settle for watching them have fun and take pictures instead.

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