I wish I could do more for my little girl

I felt so bad telling one of my daughters that right now we can’t afford some singing lessons or be able to buy her one of the used musical instruments that she had showed us. I want to be able to afford all those things for her but right now money is just too tight. We have been struggling for quite a few months and it has just gotten even worse with me not getting paid for the work I did.

I am hoping I can find a job soon and that way I will be able to buy her instruments and hopefully some music lessons and singing lessons. I hate not being able to give my kids the things they ask for especially when its something they really want to do. I am hoping her school has some kind of music program and maybe that way she can learn an instrument that way.

I need nothing but good vibes

The later part of May was not good for us and June didn’t turn out to be any better. We have been really tight on money and I still haven’t gotten paid for work I did can in December all the way through April. Ugh I hate not getting paid for the work I did. I have sent emails and messages on facebook. I have been told I was going to be paid every month and I wait and wait and nothing. I don’t know whether to cry or just give up hope or what.

The worst part is that we could use the money really badly right now. Shoot we could have used it at the beginning of the month especially. I hate having to ask family or close friends if we can borrow money and promise to pay back. I hope I am able to find a job soon. I have been putting applications left and right and praying that someone hires me. I also hope that this was the last of our problems.

I hope that is the last of our bad luck

I am hoping and praying that things get better for my sis in law. Things haven’t gone so good for their family. I am also dealing with my own stress because our water heater busted and flooded our living room and kitchen. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had extra money but its been months since I have been paid for the freelance work I did. I feel like all these things came done on us all at once.

My sis in laws hubby lost his job and I am hoping he is able to get a job soon. Their bills are piling up. I really hope they don’t have to resort to filing bankruptcy. I was telling her to research creditor rights bankruptcy lawyers raleigh nc to find out what rights they have and what companies can get after them for. I really hope she or he can get a job soon. Even though I have my own problems I worry about her and her family. I hope this is the last streak of bad luck our families have for a very long time.

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