Our plans went out the window

I had great plans. I was looking forward to this labor day weekend but on Monday while I was putting up picture frames in my living room I went to step down from my two step stool and I must not have stepped right on the last step because I ended up falling and twisting my left ankle during the fall. The doctor said it was only a sprain and not a fracture but as many of you know a sprain can be more painful than a fracture.

I have had swelling on and off for the past couple of days. I have be told to stay off my feet as much as possible, but with 6 kids you can forget it. I need to take them to school in the morning and I have to be able to pick them up. I have tried to keep my foot elevated as much as I can and I make sure to take my pain killers when I can. I am a very impatient person so as you can imagine I cannot wait until my ankle is healed.

Going away for this labor day weekend is out of the question. There is no way I would be able to hike or be walking up and down any type of hill. I always say that even though you can plan things as much as you can they are never guaranteed to work out the way you want them too. Here is a picture of my swollen ankle 🙁

sprained ankle aug262013

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Ouch! That looks so painful. 🙁 I’m sorry. I hope it heals fast.

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