This is never easy for anyone

Like I was saying yesterday my good friend is going through a very hard time. She is confused and has been going back and forth about legally separating from her husband. I know that is a difficult choice to make. I got divorced many years ago and although it was easier for me to decide she has spent many more years married than I did. She got used to all the bad moments and has sort of given up on being happy.

I can understand the way of thinking that everything is better than what it really is. I know how easy it is to trip our minds and think that things are not as bad as they really are. I did that for many many years. I would hate to see her put up with more years of unhappiness. I think no one deserves to be mistreated especially for something that occurred while the person wasn’t with the other person. I think marriage counseling might be of some help or maybe a trial separation and trying to work things out slowly might help.

If nothing helps after trying everything then maybe the best thing is to get divorced. I know she doesn’t want to a divorcee but sometimes it is for the best if everything else doesn’t work. I bet it would give her some perspective if she saw this infographic

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I wish I lived closer.

I have been so troubled seeing my best friend go through hardships. I hate seeing her so sad and I cant do anything to help her. I have my own problems too and I am going through some family problems at the moment but nothing that cant be overcome. I am hoping that she will be able to find the guidance that is needed for her to move forward for her sake and for her children.

I sometimes wish I could magically make things better for her but I know that as a good friend all I can do is be there for her and give her my shoulder to lean on and cry on if need be. I wish I lived closer to her that way I could go and take her out for some ice cream or for lunch and just have girl time. I think it is important for everyone have someone to lean on especially in difficult times as this.

I might need to be with her if she needs to get papers to legally separate or ends up filing for divorce. I know that will be a major step for her.

I am glad I dont have to move very often

My brother and sister in law were thinking of moving. I told her that I would help her look for houses if that is what they really wanted to do. I couldn’t help but think back to 4 years ago when we had made our big move from San Diego. I remember being so sad because I was leaving my beautiful beaches and the 10 minute drive to my sister in laws house. My kids were leaving their first school. The school where they first started kindergarten.

The good thing was that we were leaving an apartment for a house. A house that we would own instead of rent. I can’t say that the move was easy because I was pregnant with the twins at the time. My hubby had to have friends and his brother help him move some of the stuff. I wish we would have called around and paid a moving company. I also wish we would have put some things in storage rather than just throw them away because I ended up buying some of the things that we left behind.

I lost a lot of my things because it was hubby who was in charge of transporting the things from one place to another and somehow a lot of my things ended up missing but miraculously all his stuff made it to the new place. If we ever decide to move again, I am going to make sure I pack my boxes and number them as well as put where each of the boxes go so I can keep track of them. Next time I wont be just in charge of the change of address and turning on the utilities.

Have you ever wondered how often people move? I know we have moved 4 times since my hubby and I have been together. I bet people move much more than that. After thinking about how much people move I found this info graphic that give you a food for thought.

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I am so ready to get under my covers

I am soo exhausted. I am tired of not getting help from anyone. I understand that I am a mother and a wife and therefore my duty is to take care of the house and the kids. I just feel that it is not my duty alone to keep up with the house. I hate picking up the living room and kitchen and start working on the upstairs room just to go downstairs and do it all over again. My kids and husband are old enough to pick up after themselves.

I can understand the twins making a mess because they are still little but the older ones have no excuse. Their room should be picked up by them. I help them enough by washing and folding their clothes, they could at least put the clothes away I think. My children have gotten away with not cleaning their room as often as I would like them to during the summer. I am going to have resort to taking away privileges if they keep up with the messy rooms.

I also want someone to explain to me why my husband throws his dirty clothes on the floor right next to the laundry basket instead of inside it? I cannot for the life of me understand why its too hard to open the lid to the hamper and throw the dirty clothes inside it. Ugh as you can tell today has been a stressful day and I am just ready to go bed.

I kinda miss being a military wife

Sometimes I miss being a military wife. At the time when I was a military wife I was young and didn’t like being all alone while my husband traveled. I could not wait until he was supposed to be getting discharged from the military. I at the time wished I had taken advantage of the many benefits that the military offered. I wish I had thought about buying a home with the VA home loan that the military would have provided. I would have even used a helpful site like to find a place close to the base.

I guess everything happens for a reason because my marriage didn’t work out. I can only imagine the drama I would have had to go through during the divorce if we would have owned a home. Although I would have hoped that he would have left me the house if we would have bought one, I cant say that is what he would have done. I guess like the saying goes ” everything happens for a reason”

While I didn’t buy a house back then, I am glad the military has benefits and programs to help military families that are interested in buying a home. When I saw this infographic it brought back those memories of those military days and brought some nostalgia with it.

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I want to get better at taking pictures

I want to start taking more pictures. I have always loved looking at photographs and I have a few friends online who take awesome pictures. I would love to learn how to be a good photographer. I am thinking about going to my local community college and seeing if they offer any photography classes.

I often wonder if I can learn to be a photographer or its a talent that you are born with? I would love taking creative pictures like the ones I see online. I have seen some that just blow my mind and think to myself if its something I would be able to do. I would love going to a nice spot on a lake and be able to take beautiful nature shots. I would also love to take beautiful wedding shots or quinceanera party pictures.

I guess the only way I will get better is if I keep practicing and keep on taking pictures whenever I can.

Its a cesspool of germs at their school

My stomach has been hurting and my body feels all achy. I really hope I am not coming down with the flu or a nasty cold. Two of my kids have had a scratchy sore throat and I am hoping and praying that it is not strep throat. Last time I had strep throat it was such a awful and miserable and pain in my butt sickness that was hard to get rid off. For some reason the strep was not responding to the usual meds that worked for it. I had to take some strong antibiotics.

I really hope that the kids get better soon and that I am able to escape getting sick. I better load up on some oranges and try to take my multivitamins everyday. I hope I can make it this year without getting sick. I for some reason am prone to getting every cold that my children get. It seems that without fail my children end up sick the first month of school. It must be a cesspool of sickness that goes through the kids at school.

I always try to send my kids with antibacterial crème but they still end up getting sick. I wonder if there is anything I can do to boost up their immunes so they wont get sick from other kids?

Ever wonder why people put off home repair?

Like I was saying earlier I have been trying to change the look of my house. A few months back on May 29 actually our water heater busted and we had water coming in on the living room floor and the walls in the living room and part of the kitchen got ruined. We had to get our home repaired and it was pretty much mandatory because no one wants to have mold grow on the walls. My kids suffer from asthma as do I so it was very important that we took care of the damage to the house right away.

After getting the house repaired and the walls repainted I have slowly been buying things for my living room and I have started changing the theme of my kitchen. I keep going back and forth from going with an coffee and espresso theme to a more nautical theme.

I have some ideas in my head for the downstairs spare room but the one that has been giving me the most trouble has been my kitchen. I don’t want to go back to the fruit theme I had before and I am not sure if I should go with the coffee theme because it is pretty common. I am just glad that coming up with a kitchen theme is way easier than dealing with the home repair we had to do in the first week of June. You have no idea how hard it was to find a good repair company. When I say this infographic it reminded me why we put off home repair until it is absolutely necessary.


Thinking and mixing ideas in my head

I have been trying to jazz up my living room by putting up different frames and wall decorations. I used to have a lot of those wall scones that held candles but I am quite over that. I have started to put up my picture frames and some little owl decorations. I have a huge love for anything with owls. After I am done with the living room I am going to start with the room downstairs.

What I would really like on my wall or in my house in general is a water fountain. There is something peaceful about water fountains. I took a look at water fountains at Soothing Company and I saw quite a few of them that I would like to own. I would want one in my downstairs room since I plan on making that room my own personal office / Zen room or a study room.

I get so frazzled sometimes that I think it would be perfect for me to have a place to go where the kids know that if I am in there it means I need a little peace and quiet to get my thoughts together. I think that room downstairs could make a great study room for the kids or just a place of tranquility and I think a water fountain would add the perfect atmosphere I am looking for.

They are each other’s biggest cheer buddy

The weather seems to be cooling down. I hope it stays that way because we will be doing lots of soccer practices and soccer games. There is nothing worse than having little kids playing in the heat and having a mini meltdown on the field. My 4 year old twins are playing soccer this year. I thought that they could have waited a year more to play but the husband thought that it was a good idea to put them in ayso soccer now.

My boys have a very short attention span and they participate for the first half hour the last half hour they are either rolling on the grass or trying to go to the playground or just doing their own thing. I am glad they got an understanding coach who has a daughter their age. He lets them participate as long as they can and tries to keep them focused as much as he can.

What I love the most when I am watching their games is that they are each others cheer buddy. When one of them is not playing the other cheers him on and vice versa. If one of them gets to kick the ball or scores right away they go to each other to give each other a hug and celebrate. I wonder if they are going to be the same way when they get older and go play sports in school?

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