I feel soo overwhelmed right now

I have less that 5 days to get the landscaping done in the front yard. I hate having to worry about everything. I don’t even know if I have the right tools that I might need to use to get some live vegetation or plants or whatever the city wants me to have out in the front yard. I cant even order tools if I should need tools because I don’t have enough time. I really hope I can get something done and soon.

I also have to do some research for my uncle about some tool he needs and all he does is tell me go look at reidsupply.com and see if they have it. I do not know what size or what exactly I am looking for but he asks me to find it. I would have thought he would have asked one of my boy cousins since they deal with more tools than I do to look for it.

I also have to worry about getting costumes for all the kids.. yeah I know cutting it close but hey I have been busy a lot more busy than I usually am and the van is in the shop but I will get into those details later. I just have to keep telling myself to breathe and take each item at a time. Its easier said than done though 🙁 I wish I would have some help instead of me always worrying about everything.

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breathe! its all over! lol did you get all the landscaping done in the 5 days and costumes ready before halloween? i would have come over and lend a hand but our lives are on different paths 🙂 hope all worked out alright. how was halloween? was rainy here =/

My hubby got the landscaping job but he obviously didn’t know what he was doing because the plants have died. I think we are going to take them back to home depot since they have a 1 year guarantee I believe. It is obvious that we need a landscaping professional because neither one of us knows what we are doing. I was able to find some cheap costumes ( found them at the 99 cent only store ) for the kids and they were quite happy.

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