Geez drama drama drama

I seriously hate to get into family debates and especially when we are all together for a celebration. I am hoping tomorrow goes without any problems. I love my family dearly but I cannot stand when we get into discussions and someone gets mad at another person for having differences of opinions.

How many families do you know get into debates and arguments over immigration laws and immigration lawyers I don’t know any other than my family. We can never have a nice conversation without some family member wanting to yell or get mad or throw a hissy fit. I swear my kids act more like grown ups than some of my family members. If they cannot act right today I sure as hope they can act right tomorrow or they will not be spending thanksgiving with my family.

I will tolerate a lot of things but disrupting my kids and having them getting nervous is something I will not tolerate. These folks can take their drama somewhere else if that is the case.

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Christmas shopping here I come

Christmas is almost here and I need to get a move on when it comes to presents. My little guys are easy to shop for since all they want is toys. My nieces and nephews are a little bit harder to shop for. They want anything from a epiphone flying v guitar at musicians friend to an apple ipod. I told my niece that I have been wanting an ipod for myself for the longest time and I haven’t even gotten one. I want a tablet also but I am not holding my breath for it.

Every time I try to save some money to buy myself something nice, I either have to buy something for the car that is needed or fix something that has gone wrong in it or I have to buy a needed item for the house. I guess that is part of being a mom and a housewife. I must admit that at times I wish I could be a little bit more selfish and spoil myself.

I really hope I can find good deals on the things my kids and my nieces and nephews want and maybe have some extra money to get myself something nice this year.

I hope it is smooth sailing from here on out.

They say that when It rains it pours. I believe the saying is correct. I had all kinds of issues the week of Halloween. Thankfully I think everything is back to normal now. My van broke down at the most inopportune time but luckily I was able to apply from a credit card and was able to put the repairs on it. I worry about the van because I am the one who drives it the most and plus I have all my babies in there. I need to know that my van is in good condition to be able to drive my kids to school.

I still haven’t heard back from the city but I am hoping that the little bit of landscaping that the hubby did is enough for us not to get a fine. I cannot believe how picky this city is about landscaping … I guess that’s the joys of being a homeowner *note the sarcasm* and dealing with everything pertaining to it.

I am hoping I have a smooth November and December. I don’t think I can deal with much more stress than what I have already went through this month.

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