I am hurting bad

I am in pain and much more pain than I usually am. It was a mighty fine time for the dumb doctor who saw me to take it upon himself to decide what my pain level was and how he felt that I didn’t need the pain killers. I wish he could be in my body then tell me that the pain I feel is not as bad as he thinks. I just love how it was the first time he saw me but made that assessment about my pain.Even though he was my primary doctor he was never available when I try to make my appointment to go see him. He didn’t take the time to read all my medical chart all he saw was that I have been taking pain killers for a couple of years and decided that I am addicted to them.

Did he pain attention to my mri results.. I highly doubt it. Did he bother to read the results of the physical therapist who I am doing physical therapy with … nope because when he decided that I was addicted to the pills and took me off of them it was the last day of him working for that medical office. Now I have to wait to get another primary care doctor and wait to see if that doctor will give me pain pills or if they are going to find a way to take some of this pain away. I have had nothing but spasms and migraines and have had to stay in bed from the pain. My freaking blood pressure has even been going up from the pain level I feel. I really hope the next doctor who sees me can see that I am truly in a lot of pain and not trying to just be addicted to pain killers. I really hope he takes the time to talk to the physical therapist and goes through all my medical files instead of trying to get me in and out of the office in 10 minutes or less.

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🙁 I am so sorry that your doctor is such an ass. You need to switch to a new doctor ASAP. In regards to painkillers, unfortunately there are conditions that there is no cure for, and the pain that comes from them can be extreme and debilitating. I read a good article about painkiller “addiction”, and how we’re all technically addicted to oxygen and water, since the withdrawal effects can be, well, deadly…

Anyway, forgive my rambling. I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this, and I hope you can find relief soon. *hug*

I hope so too. I wish he would have taken the time to look over my medical files and saw that I have tried to find other solutions. I have done physical therapy, gone to the chiropractor as well as steroid and epidural shots. I have went to get acupuncture to see if that helped too. If he took the time to see he would have known that during the colder season my pain gets worse. He would have also been able to see that in the warmer weather I don’t need to take pain pills as often and go a couple of months without needing a refill.

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