Review: Rustico Leather makes great gifts for others or a treat for yourself

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I recently had the opportunity to review some products from Rustico Leather and I chose to review the
Writer Set:
• Single track wallet (felt & leather)
• Wool quote book
• Wool Parley Journal with wrap tie
rustico review writer set

rustico quote book
The reason why I chose the writer set is because I like writing my thoughts and ideas down. I never know when inspiration will hit me and I am not always at my desk when it does come. Upon opening the rustico quote book one of the things I loved about it was the Rustico stamp on the last page. I thought it was a cute and innovative way to brand the little quote book.
I right away took to the Wool quote book because it fit so easily into my purse. I was able to carry it around with me everywhere I went. The wool quote book is just like the Wool Parley Journal but smaller in size. Don’t think because it is smaller in size that it wont provide you what you need. I had plenty of space to jot down notes and the rough cut cream color paper made me feel like I was a journalist from the past and all I was missing was my calligraphy pen and thinking cap.

rustico journal with flap tie

The Wool Parley Journal with wrap tie again made me feel like a sophisticated writer as I jotted down my day to day thoughts. I imagined myself traveling from county to country writing down discoveries about the cities I traveled to and that in itself was enough for me to love this journal(When you are a mother of 6 kids and countless amounts of pets a little daydreaming and imagination is what keeps you from going insane)besides having a place to vent out my frustrations. This journal made me want to write in its pages. I looked forward to writing in it every night and I didn’t feel that way before with other journals, so I consider this a big plus for this merino wool journal.

rustico single track wallet
Last but not least of my rustico leather products was the single track wallet This little wallet is perfect for the business cards of people you interact with everyday.I put my library card in there since I am constantly using it. I must admit that I liked smelling the leather when I first opened up the wallet. Real leather has such a distinct smell to it and I love it. One of the options you have when ordering this wallet is that you are able to personalize it with a name or a date. Being able to personalize it makes it a great and thoughtful gift to anyone or even yourself.

All in all I was quite honored to have had the opportunity to review such wonderful products. These three
rustico Leather products are getting a lot of use by me and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

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