I never had the patience they have

I was supposed to be sleeping last night since I was so tired but instead I stayed up even later than usual to watch prince play on the Arsenio Hall Show. That man hasn’t aged at all. I remember falling in love with prince’s music back when I was 11 years old and have never looked back. I still love his music. Not all the songs might be my favorite but I do have quite a few that are at the top of my list.

I watched in awe as the man sang and played and instrument and even worked the filter that made his guiter huummmm way after he had finished singing the last verse. My son was supposed to be asleep but he sat at watched in amazement as prince played his musical instruments. My son said mom would we be able to find low pass filter from guitar center kind of like the one prince was using ? I have no clue if guiter center would carry the exact one but I am sure we could find something similar to it.

My kids have shown so much enthusiasm with learning how to play the guitar and violin and singing. I really thought that they were going to be over the whole musical bug after a couple of months but it is still going strong. I am glad they have a passion for something though. I was not as patient as they are when it comes to practicing on their singing or playing their instrument. I am super happy that their school had enough money to even have musical instruments and music teachers to teach them. I am so glad they are getting these cool opportunities.

Product Review: Rav Power Luster series power bank

Disclaimer: I have received free product for review to facilitate this post. I was not compensated for this review and all expressed opinions are strictly my own.


I had the wonderful opportunity to review the RavPower Luster series power bank. As a mom of 6, I am constantly on the go and having my cellphone on me ready to go is a must. You better believe I jumped at the chance to review this power bank. I cannot be running around doing errands and have my cellphone die because it is out of juice. I have in the past missed important phone calls and not found out about emergency situations until I had arrived home hours late.
Not only is having a way to charge my cellphone important to me ,having a flashlight in this charging bank is an added plus. I don’t know how many times I have needed a flashlight to find my keys in my purse or needed a light to find the keyhole on the door. I know I am not the only mom who runs around like crazy trying to get the daily errands done and not had time or forgot to turn on the porch lights.

Right away after getting The Ravpower power back I plugged it in using my cellphone charger. Yes that’s right you can either use your smartphone charging cord or a usb charging cord… how cool is that !!! I wondered to myself how long will it take for my power bank to be all juiced up ? I got my answer it didn’t take a long time to turn from the red needs charging light to a blue its done charging light to come on.


I didn’t go more than a day before needing to use the RAVPower charging power bank because I forgot to charge my cellphone the night before. I was in the middle of conversation with my daughters teacher when I heard the dreaded ding of my phone’s notification service notifying that my cellphone was about to shut off. I quickly wrapped up my conversation and plugged in my cellphone to the charger. I continued shopping all over target and got all my errands done and didn’t have to worry about missing the text message I got from my daughters choir teacher or the school calling me to pick up my son because he had a fever. If it wasn’t for the RavPower power bank I wouldn’t have been able to pick up my son from school. I also would have taken a long time finding my keys in my purse full of kids stuff as well as my stuff if it wasn’t for the flashlight that is on the powerbank.

One thing I wanted to note which is very important to me is that this Powerbank has the power to fully charge my cellphone. I was at 1% battery and it had enough juice to fully charge my cellphone and still had a little bit of juice left to let me be able to use the flashlight. I am pretty happy having such a convenient way to charge my cellphone when I am nowhere near a power outlet or car charger. The RavPower powerbank is about the size of a lipstick tube which is very easy to carry in your pocket or purse. I highly recommend getting one of these powerbanks. I haven’t left my home without it and have used it many many times since I got it.

Book Review: The Good Enough Husband by Sylvie Fox

*E-book was provided for an honest review*

Let me start off by saying that the title alone caught my attention. I could not wait to see why Michael was “the good enough husband” to Hannah. Hannah is in a marriage that has lasted five years and I though oh she must have gotten bored or fallen out of love with her husband. That is totally not the case!! You find out early on that Hannah married Michael not because she was in love with him but because she was getting up there in age and felt it was time to settle down and start a family. You and I know that not being in love with someone and getting married to them or staying married to them is a recipe for disaster.

Hannah decides that she no longer wants to be married to Michael and decides that she is going to go on a trip to find a way to let Michael know that their “marriage” is over. I personally thought she should have let him know before she even left!!!! Well wouldn’t you know on her way to her trip she has to make a detour because her dog Cody gets sick and in that little town at the vet she meets her “Soul Mate” What do you do when you meet your soul mate but you are already married? Read this book to find out what Hannah decides to do …..

I am still feeling so crappy

Since I have been feeling so crappy I have been looking online to see if I find anything that sounds like how I feel. I know that many people say don’t look online because any symptom you might feel the internet will make it much worse. I am not planning to use the internet as my ultimate diagnose but at least I would feel better if someone else can describe what I am feeling right now.

It really does amaze me what I can find online. I found nc health insurance which might be helpful to north Carolina folks but it doesn’t quite help me since I am on the west coast. I am also lucky to currently have health insurance so I don’t have to worry about that at the moment. What I need to figure out is why I am in so much pain right now. I normally deal with my back pain but this pain is an all over kind of pain. It literally makes my limbs feel heavy when I try to move them. I am such a big crybaby when I don’t feel good. I think I am going to call it a night and see if I can get a doctors appointment soon.

I hate feeling like this and I would fix it if I could

I am still feeling a little under the weather. I am starting to think that I need to go to the doctor and have them check my blood. I am starting to feel real lethargic and that usually happens when my anemia comes. I have struggled with anemia since I was young. I take the iron pills but they constipate me (yes I know tmi) I hate being sick all the time. I hate having to deal with back pain and whole body pain all the time.

I sometimes feel like the doctor doesn’t take me seriously when I tell him that my whole body hurts and that it is hard for me to sleep or move around sometimes. This is not something I want to be feeling or dealing with. I feel that I am too young to be dealing with such ailments. I have people look at me like I am crazy because I say that sometimes it is hard for me to move my arms or legs. I feel like such a freak sometimes. I know some of the people in my family think that I am saying I hurt because they think I want attention but that is totally not the case.

Right now I am trying to gather my strength to do a load a laundry because if I don’t do it no one else will

Just like that I caught the bug

I got sick again and am barely recovering. I slowly started to have body aches and I didn’t know if it was because the weather had changed and my back was reacting to it or if I was getting the flu. By the next day my question was answered when I got fever along with the aches and pains. I shouldn’t have been too surprised since my son had just finished getting over a cold. I thought I was in the clear since days and days had passed and none of the other kids had gotten sick and I was perfectly fine. I shouldn’t have counted my chickens before they hatched because on the 5th day I ended up with the aches.

I was slowly on the mend when the cramps started and I thought ugh mother nature has awful timing. I do not want to be going through my monthly cycle when I already feel like crap. Luckily this month’s cycle didn’t come with as many cramps as I usually have to deal with. I do however still feel weak and have been dealing with these headaches. I hope as soon as I feel better these headaches will go away. I also need to remember to ask the doctor to check my blood levels because I have a sneaking suspicion that my anemia is back.

There will be a lot of noise

I love seeing my kids enthusiasm when it comes to trying new things. Some things they get over right away, like the time my daughter insisted I get her a hula hoop because she was planning to beat the world record for hula hooping. Sometimes they get over their new thing as quickly as it started and other times they actually stick to it such as the choir and music lessons she is taking.

My younger son sees the lessons his older sister has been taking and insists on getting a guitar and taking guitar lessons. He keeps telling me not to worry if he breaks guitar strings because we can get some john pearse guitar strings at Guitar Center which I cant argue with since he has done his research. I was hoping it was just a phase he was getting into but so far he hasn’t forgotten about getting a guitar. I think a guitar and some lessons are in the near future for him. I think I might surprise him for Christmas.

Who knows maybe in the near future I will have a rock star and a singer in the family. Like I said before if my kids want to sing or play an instrument I will encourage them and support them in their dream.

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