Product Review: Rav Power Luster series power bank

Disclaimer: I have received free product for review to facilitate this post. I was not compensated for this review and all expressed opinions are strictly my own.


I had the wonderful opportunity to review the RavPower Luster series power bank. As a mom of 6, I am constantly on the go and having my cellphone on me ready to go is a must. You better believe I jumped at the chance to review this power bank. I cannot be running around doing errands and have my cellphone die because it is out of juice. I have in the past missed important phone calls and not found out about emergency situations until I had arrived home hours late.
Not only is having a way to charge my cellphone important to me ,having a flashlight in this charging bank is an added plus. I don’t know how many times I have needed a flashlight to find my keys in my purse or needed a light to find the keyhole on the door. I know I am not the only mom who runs around like crazy trying to get the daily errands done and not had time or forgot to turn on the porch lights.

Right away after getting The Ravpower power back I plugged it in using my cellphone charger. Yes that’s right you can either use your smartphone charging cord or a usb charging cord… how cool is that !!! I wondered to myself how long will it take for my power bank to be all juiced up ? I got my answer it didn’t take a long time to turn from the red needs charging light to a blue its done charging light to come on.


I didn’t go more than a day before needing to use the RAVPower charging power bank because I forgot to charge my cellphone the night before. I was in the middle of conversation with my daughters teacher when I heard the dreaded ding of my phone’s notification service notifying that my cellphone was about to shut off. I quickly wrapped up my conversation and plugged in my cellphone to the charger. I continued shopping all over target and got all my errands done and didn’t have to worry about missing the text message I got from my daughters choir teacher or the school calling me to pick up my son because he had a fever. If it wasn’t for the RavPower power bank I wouldn’t have been able to pick up my son from school. I also would have taken a long time finding my keys in my purse full of kids stuff as well as my stuff if it wasn’t for the flashlight that is on the powerbank.

One thing I wanted to note which is very important to me is that this Powerbank has the power to fully charge my cellphone. I was at 1% battery and it had enough juice to fully charge my cellphone and still had a little bit of juice left to let me be able to use the flashlight. I am pretty happy having such a convenient way to charge my cellphone when I am nowhere near a power outlet or car charger. The RavPower powerbank is about the size of a lipstick tube which is very easy to carry in your pocket or purse. I highly recommend getting one of these powerbanks. I haven’t left my home without it and have used it many many times since I got it.

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