Review: Pure Yacon Syrup

Disclaimer: I received a free product for review to facilitate this post and all expressed opinions are strictly my own.


I lack energy a lot of the times. I am constantly on the go and I hate feeling so tired and run down. I noticed within the first week of trying this Yacon syrup that I felt more energetic. I didn’t notice weight loss right away but around the two week mark I did notice that my jeans fit looser. I was really impressed with this metabolism booster. I have tried quite a few products and noticed more changes with this one than others I have tried. While I am picky with flavors and I didn’t mind the flavor of this syrup. I would describe it more of a anise type of taste. Overall I say that although I didn’t lose tons of weight, I did see some difference in the way my jeans fit and that is a major plus for me. My jeans fit looser and some pair of shorts that were tight on me fit me perfectly. I much rather have inches lost than numbers on a scale. If I can go down in dress sizes , tat makes me a happy camper.
yacon syrup

I have struggled with my weight for a major part of my life. I have always wanted to be able to just walk into a clothing store and be able to fit the regular sizes, instead of going towards the back of the store where they have the limited plus size section. I have tried different types of pills and lose weight quick fad diets and none have worked for me.

I am now changing the way I eat and trying portion control. I have also been taking the yacon syrup twice a day and have noticed a difference. I think I will be ordering another bottle or two once this bottle is done. I am quite glad I had the opportunity to try this syrup out.

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