Taking care of stress sweat with Secret’s Clinical strength deodorant

Disclosure: I was financially compensated for this post in the form of a Walmart Gift Card. I also received a Walmart Gift Card to purchase the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own,and are based on my own personal experience with the product.

secret clinical strength

As a mom of six kids you can imagine what my days are like. I am constantly on the go from the moment I wake up until I am able to settle down late at night. I spend my days stressing out whether all my kids have done their homework or if I made sure that the bills got paid on time. I hate to admit it but all the stress makes me sweat profusely. Now ladies this might be TMI but I thought it was worth sharing, I noticed that my armpit smell was worse during the times I was stressed out versus times where I was just working out or having the normal armpit smell. What I found out ladies will astound you because it sure as heck shocked me!!! Did you know that Sweat caused by physical activity and temperature is produced by eccrine sweat glands, and is 99% water and 1% nutrients,
But stress sweat is produced from the apocrine gland which increases bacteria, and Water + Nutrients + Bacteria = Odor. You should check out www.nostresssweat.com and find out the scoop on stress sweat too.

Because of my busy and hectic schedule, I would like to have all day protection when it comes to my deodorant. I wanted to be protected especially on days where my stress level was and is at an all time high. It seems ( at least to me) that my constant prayers of not smelling like stinky sweat were answered, because I was recently offered the opportunity to try out one of the two new forms Secret Clinical Strength deodorant comes in. I of course jumped at the chance to try out Secret’s new clinical strength deodorant in invisible solid (which goes on dry and stays dry.) Out I went to Walmart to use the gift card I was provided and chose the ooh-la-la lavender scent because even though I sweat probably as much as a man does, I wanted to feel like a lady and have a nice soft smell.
secret deodorant

I found out that Secret Clinical Strength helps protect against the three causes of sweat which are Heat, Activity and Stress Sweat – especially stress sweat! which is exactly what I needed. I love this new deodorant and maybe when I finish this invisible solid I will go and try out Secret’s clinical strength clear gel in the powder protection scent. If soft smells is not what you like, You don’t have to pick the two scents I would choose. You also have the choice of picking completely clean or sport fresh scent. Check out your local Walmart , a one-stop-shop for all of your personal care needs when you go to buy your Secret Clinical Strength deodorant or buy it online at at www.nostresssweat.com

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