Meet Bamboo the panda from The Dolly-Mamas KuKu Dolls

I was not financially compensated for this post. As a member of
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purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal
experience with the product.


I love blogging. Besides being able to write or vent out my emotions, I have gotten the chance to meet new people. I have made friends that I would have never had a chance of doing and I have gotten the opportunity to review some pretty cool stuff and let all of you know all about it.

One of these wonderful opportunities came in the form of reviewing The Dolly-Mamas KuKu Dolls I got Bamboo the panda and I loved him from the moment I opened up the box. My twin boys wanted him as soon as they saw him and how could they not. Bamboo the panda is made from 100% new wool and 100% new polyester stuffing. Bamboo is so soft and cuddly and as you can expect both boys were fighting to get to hold him and cuddle with him.

I chose to get Bamboo as a finished doll but you can get Bamboo and any of the KuKu critters or dolls in a DIY kit or as a finished doll. The KuKu Dolls come in all kinds of colors and you can choose knitted or crocheted. My daughters would have preferred a DIY kit but I like the finished dolls instead. What I love about the Dolly-Mamas KuKu Dolls is that the are washable. My twin boys are not known for keeping their toys clean and they been taking Bamboo everywhere. I feel more comfortable knowing that I can wash Bamboo as soon as he starts getting dirty.

The Dolly-Mamas KuKu Dolls will make a great gift for any person big or small. I love knowing that these dolls are hand crafted and every time one is purchased the Connect-Africa foundation is helping villagers in Uganda. If you are looking for a one of a kind type of gift I think these Dolly-Mamas KuKu Dolls will make a memorable gift for anyone.


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