Book Review: Bittersweet Deceit By Blakely Bennett

My Review:
Mrs Blakley Bennett has outdone herself. I was hooked on Blakely’s books from the moment I read Stuck in between, which was the first book in the Bound by your love series. Bittersweet Deceit is the second book in the series and believe it or not it is even hotter than the first book.

Bitterweet Deceit offers us a view into the heart of a thirty year old Lainie, who is in love with a man who cant give her everything she needs because he is married . While Mason can offer her passion and excitement, it is the lonely nights and moments after he leaves that make it hard for Lainie. Lainie vows to not utter the words ” I love you” to Mason until Mason leaves his wife but can and will Mason leave his wife?

Lainie has a great set of friends and among those friends is Stay who has always liked Lainie. He has tried to pursue Lainie but Lainie’s attention is elsewhere. Stay finds out why Lainie hasn’t paid much attention to him and he decides to show Lainie what she is missing out on. Can someone tell their heart what to feel? How do you know who you are meant to be with?

Bittersweet definitely made me feel some emotions I had locked away with a lock and key. How do you know if the person you love is the one meant for you? After reading Bittersweet I can easily tell 🙂

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Sounds like a great beach book, and I’m dying to know who she chooses!

This book sounds great! Thanks for the review, I’ll have to pick up a copy!

Ohh must add this to my wish list! Want to know who she chooses lol sounds like a great read.

Sounds like a good book, even though I’m not a big romance reader anymore. I may just have to check it out.

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