How do you manage your time ?

We have been working hard to get the house ready for Thanksgiving. This year we are having family coming from out of state to come and spend it with us. Is it wrong of me to be thinking about going shopping on black Friday even though we are going to have company? I really don’t have money to be spending but I can’t help wanting to go anyways. I don’t think there is anything I really “need” all are things I want.

What are the things you want? I have recently gotten big time into planners. I have always liked planners and now more than ever I see that it helps me not feel so stressed if I have things written down. If I follow a schedule I am able to get more things done. I used to use a planner a lot in high school and for some reason I stopped. I am glad I got back into it though. Do you use a planner/ organizer too ?

One thing I am very thankful for…

I have been thinking of thanksgiving a lot lately and One thing I am thankful for is the great friends I have made online. Some of these people make me smile everyday. There are days when I feel sad and depressed and just reading about how their day is going or them messaging me puts a smile on my face. I love reading about one of them getting a new electric guitar and clicking on the site the site they got it from. I also love seeing pictures of my friends little baby.

I love seeing pictures of others and their happy moments which in turn make me feel happy for them. I sometimes think how lucky I am to have those people cross my path and become friends with me. Even though they might not be blood family they are my family. They are the family I chose to have and sometimes they are even closer to me than those that are supposed to be. So one thing I am very thankful for is the friendship I have made with all the online friends I have.

Are you prepared for Thanksgiving ?

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is almost here. I have been trying to do all my gift shopping early in the year but that is obviously not happening. We have been a little tight on money this year and that has me a little bit stressed. I know I have taught my kids that Christmas is not all about the gifts but they are kids and of course they want nice gifts.

I am really hoping that are bills go down now that we don’t have to run the A/C. I am also hoping that some more freelance work comes along because we sure need it right now. How is your Christmas shopping going ? Have you gotten all the things you need? Oh and I forgot to say that we will be having family over this year so my house is going to be a full house!! Eeek I hope everything goes great and we don’t end up with family fights and disagreements and certainly no food fights.

Are you all good to go with the gifts?

Having a musical child can only mean one thing… There is always music or singing going on in my house. has really become the site where my kid goes to look for any musical instrument or microphone that tickles her fancy. I am just glad that when it comes to gift buying all I have to do is visit musiciansfriend to find a gift for her.

My other kids are not as easy as my daughter is. I have to struggle to find the perfect gift for them. I have to get the Christmas lists going for them if I want to have their gifts ready by our Christmas dinner. we have a tradition of opening one gift Christmas eve and the rest on Christmas day. Do you have any traditions? Are you already set with the gifts ?

Have you seen the LG OLED TV now at Best Buy? #Hintingseason #OLEDatBestBuy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

My favorite time of the year is here. I love looking around for the latest and greatest things in electronics and gadgets…and yes you can say I am a technology lover and I will hold up my head up proudly about it!! One of latest things that has my mind spinning with lust is the LG OLED TV at Best Buy!! I want one of those TV’s for my house now!
In case you are scratching your head and wondering what an LG OLED TV is … well let me tell you…
Check out the LG OLED TV

What is OLED TV?

The stunning design of LG OLED TV is only 0.21″ thick at its thinnest point. Picture quality is spectacular, with Infinite Contrast that ranges from the most blazing whites to the deepest blacks. And, LG’s exclusive 4 Color Pixel technology delivers bright, vibrant colors. Learn more here:

Your first kiss. A baby’s first steps. The majesty of a desert sunset. Some things in life defy all explanation and must be experienced to be believed. Such is the case with LG’s latest display technology. With deeper and richer colors, stunning contrast and ingeniously curved screens, it is unlike any technology you’ve ever seen, and it delivers a picture that exceeds your wildest imagination.

One of the biggest things for me is that I would be able to find my content fast with webOS on this tv and that makes it a major want for me. I must admit that the design being 0.21″ thick at its thinnest point is also a big plus for me too.

I know you are going to want to check it out at BestBuy, so I have kindly provided you with the SKU number 😉
LG 55EC9300 SKU# 7846019 – OLED TV

The best part is that you don’t need a coupon to get this great tv. You can go and get the LG OLED TV at Best Buy’s everyday price of $3499.99 (save $500) How great is that!! No need to thank me for letting you know about this great item after all it’s hinting season and I am just helping you get ready for all of the holiday’s greatest gift buys. Check out Best Buy for other great gadgets too and if you happen to bump into me there just say hi 🙂

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