I am staying safe these holidays with MACE®Brand pepper sprays..are you ?

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Are you still going Christmas shopping? Are you making sure that you are staying safe while walking to your car? I have been reading a lot of stories where women are getting robbed for their shopping goods or their money while heading to the car. I for one make sure that I am carrying my MACE®BRAND pepper spray every time I leave any location and I don’t have a security guard or any person walking along with me. I no longer feel safe walking alone at night in this town after reading all the burglary and theft going on in this town.

What I like best about the MACE®BRAND pepper spray is that it is all natural, but powerful enough to stun any would be attacker. Any few minutes and seconds count when you are trying to get away from an attacker. The size of it is perfect for me3 to carry or any of my teenage daughters to carry and use. I feel so much safer knowing that they have the mace pepper spray with them whenever they go out.

What are you doing to stay safe this holiday season? Do you carry around MACE ®BRAND items too? I know I carry around MACE ® Canine deterrent after a neighbor was attacked by a dog close to my house. I feel so much safer going to check my mail with my MACE® Canine detterent now than I did before I had it. You better believe I will spray the crap out of my spray on a dog if it tries to attack me. Wouldn’t you do the same thing ?
dog deterrent

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