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I love to travel. On my lists of travel I have Canada as one of the places I want to go visit. I am one of those people who is forever making lists and on my lists is the places I would like to stay when I visit. I like to check out Calgary, Alberta Canada hotel deals – for the best prices and I also like to see what months out of the year have the best prices.

I am sure it comes to no surprise to the many folks who constantly travel, that you are able to get better deals on the weekdays than the weekend. If you are a business traveler I am sure you would more than likely be traveling and staying during the weekday anyway. I am more of a casual traveler so I would definitely be needed the best motel rates for the weekend because I am sure I would be staying the weekend especially if I am traveling with family.

I would more than likely be traveling with a pet too as I am sure my kids would not want to leave Luna behind since she is part of the family so I would have to make sure that the place we are staying is pet friendly. You see planning trips can be a bit off-putting but with cool websites like I can have all of trips stay taken care off and I can continue planning my trip and then just worry about getting everyone packed and ready to go which is another hassle I will not want to get into or we would be here all day.

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i would love to go to canada as well!

i have been searching groupon lately for vacation deals; wow some of them are amazing prices, i wonder if it is too good to be true?

i do like and their deals too !

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