ShabbyChickCrafts on Etsy offers all the products your planner might need

As you all know I am a mommy of 6 and as you can imagine I am busy as busy can be. There are days where I would have no clue what day of the week it was or what I am supposed to do if it wasn’t for my trusty planner. In my planner I jot down all the things that need to be done and where I need to be. When I have time I decorate my pages, which serve me as a form of relaxation and time to unwind and make the pages I will be looking at pretty.

I don’t always have time to make my own inserts so I go to etsy to find what I need. I am all about supporting people who come up with wonderful and useful items and not to mention pretty too. Today’s Etsy spotlight will be for the wonderful ShabbyChickcrafts store on etsy.

I got some wonderful felt paperclips that were just too cute to pass up. I love that they are priced just right and the shipping is quite fast. These paperclips are one sided and have a felt piece in the back that holds them in place. I was so impressed with these felt paperclips that I ordered quite a few to send out to my planner buddies.


While ordering my paperclips the wonderful owner of ShabbyChickCrafts gave me the opportunity to try out her A5 inserts and folks let me tell you…these inserts are fabulous!! The paper in which they are printed on is exquisite. The color of the print on the TO DO and TO BUY list is simply one of the best paper and color I have seen. My writing did not shadow like it normally does on other paper. I loved the online order tracker as I often order online and sometimes I can forget what orders I am waiting on. ShabbyChickCrafts offers different kinds of inserts and I am sure you will find what you are looking for when you take a look.

ShabbyChickCrafts offers just about everything you might need to make your planner pretty and functional. Whether you need planner bands, washi tape samples or functional stickers, I am sure you can find what you need to make you planner perfect by shopping at ShabbyChickCrafts on ETSY. Take a look and tell me what you like from her page.


To all you wonderful readers ShabbyChickCrafts has been nice enough to offer you all a discount on your purchase. Use the coupon code”DOMESTICVIXEN15″ for 15% percent off total purchase before shipping of 10.00 or more.

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