Festive Cleaning Starts Here: My Plan For A Spotless Christmas

I know – it’s probably way too early to start planning for Christmas. But, I figured if I break the back of all the cleaning chores that need to be done before then, I’ll be able to enjoy it a lot more. Nothing is more pressurized than Christmas time when it comes to the home. For some, it may not matter, but for me? I want a spotless home, and there’s no way I’m not having one!

Now, I’m not saying it’s easy – it’s hard when you have kids and have to constantly clean up their toys! But, with a head start it should ease the pain a little. A tiny amount every day will mean far less last-minute rush. Here’s my plan.


The outside

First of all, I think it’s important to get outside and clean the front and outside of the house before it gets too cold. In fact, there’s an ideal point just at the end of fall and the beginning of winter that is perfect for doing this. All the leaves have fallen, and it hasn’t quite got so cold that everything has started to freeze. So, clearing all of the fallen debris from the garden and checking for any leaks or blockages in the drains is a perfect starting point.

Garden furniture

It’s also a good time to organize where the garden furniture is going to go. I’m looking into self storage options at the moment, although if you have a shed or garage, you could put your chairs and tables in there. Why bother? Well, I’ve experienced terrible winters before that have ruined my garden furniture. Even with covers on they tend to get damp, cold, and start to warp. It can get pretty harsh out there, so this year, I’m just not risking it.

The chimney

Nothing says Christmas more than lighting a gorgeous log fire, with a nice glass of mulled wine. It’s the smell of the burning wood that gets me most and transports me back to when I was a girl on Christmas Eve. It’s a little something that we can all pass down to our children, don’t you think? But before all that happens, we are going to need that chimney cleaned.

The toy cull

OK, just to make it clear, it isn’t just the children’s toys I’ll be getting rid of! Now is the perfect time to have a big clear out of everything. If this Christmas is anything like the ones in the past, there will be new books, artwork, games toys to replace the old ones. And we just don’t have the room for more! Now, as a parent, I understand that toy culling can be a very stressful experience. But the other day, I was talking to a friend who had a great idea. Every year, they get their kids to choose the toys they want to throw out, as Santa needs the space to bring them new ones. It works like a charm – and I wish I’d known about it years ago. Maybe it will help some of you out there struggling for space!

Well, that’s about all I have planned so far. No doubt there will be further updates during the build-up to the festive period. See you next time!

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