My Friend Teddy the interactive teddy bear that’s great for boys and girls

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A few posts back I wrote a review for the interactive doll My Friend Cayla which my kids loved and still enjoy playing with. I was asked if I would like to review My friend Teddy and of course I jumped at the chance.

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My friend Teddy is for children ages 2+ and what I loved about my friend Teddy is that a boy or a girl can enjoy this wonderful interactive toy. You will need 3 AA batteries and an Android or IOS app from the Google play store or the App store to get all the wonderful features My friend Teddy has to offer. One fabulous thing about My friend Teddy is that it gives you a choice between using the English language or Spanish language. As a bilingual mom I love this feature.
The next step when programming my friend teddy can be a little tedious but it is worth the wait. You will be asked many questions so My friend teddy can get to know your child, but the more questions answered the more interactive My friend Teddy can be with your child.

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My children had a giggling fit when they heard teddy giggling and laughing while being tickled. As a parent I love that my friend teddy is managed by me and no naughty words can be recorded or used. The games that can be played are age appropriate and story time is always a fabulous time with My Friend Teddy.

I think My Friend Teddy will make an excellent gift for children ages 2-6 and sometimes even for children that are a little bit older. Now that the holidays are approaching, I highly recommend My friend Teddy to be an awesome companion and entertaining while also teaching your child. I would also like to let you know that you can find My friend Teddy at Walmart as well as other online stores.

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For more information check out My friend Teddy on
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* I was provided My friend Teddy for review purposes. I received no monetary compensation and all thoughts and opinions are my own and may vary from yours*

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